September 2018

Friday September 28 2018

Inside Sources: Finding a Fix for Fannie and Freddie

Morning Consult: Taking the First Steps to GSE Reform

Market Insider: MGIC Comments on Revised GSE Private Mortgage Insurer Eligibility Requirements

The Wall Street Journal: Mel Watt and Accuser Address Charges in Hearing

Thursday September 27 2018

Washington Post: As the world watches Kavanaugh Senate hearing, the House hears another #MeToo story

Politico: Thursday’s other #MeToo hearing on Capitol Hill

Wednesday September 26 2018

National Mortgage News: 5 questions as lawmakers set to probe FHFA, GSE scandals

The Hill: House panel invites Watt accuser to testify at Thursday hearing

Tuesday September 25 2018

Credit Union Journal: Week ahead: Tax reform back in the spotlight

Global Capital: Risk transfer, single security to define Fannie and Freddie in 2019

Monday September 24 2018

Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog: My Greatest GSE Fear-People Will Forget GSE Achievements

Inside Mortgage Finance: What We’re Hearing: Freddie Mac Puts on its Banker Hat / Some Interesting Policy Moves by Mel Watt / Nonbank Liquidity is a Good Thing, Right? / The Progressives v. the Traditionalists / Eat a Peach: CFPB Moves an Office to Atlanta

Friday September 21 2018

Law 360: A Closer Look At Proposed Regs For Nonbank Loan Servicers

DS News: Addressing Manufactured Home Misconceptions

Thursday September 20 2018

Mondaq: Should Mortgage Loan Servicers Be Subject To Safety And Soundness Standards?

National Mortgage News: There’s no room for REITs, captive insurers at Home Loan Banks

Wednesday September 19 2018

Reading Eagle: Editorial: Congress must step up on mortgage-market reform

Market Watch: Employee wants Senate hearing to discuss sexual misconduct allegation made against FHFA’s Watt

Tuesday September 18 2018

Seeking Alpha: Hensarling Says Administration Doesn’t Favor His GSE Wind Down

National Mortgage Professional: FHFA’s Watt Refuses to Cooperate in Sexual Harassment Probe

Monday September 17 2018

New filing in Arrowood vs U.S., click here to view.

Peter Chapman writes, “Arrowood submitted a reply to Judge Sweeney asking that her order concerning the filing of amended complaints and the current briefing schedule on the government’s omnibus motion to dismiss make it clear if briefing about the separation-of-powers topic should occur now or be deferred until the court has ruled on the motion to dismiss.”

The Washington Post: Can the House compromise on housing finance reform? These lawmakers are willing to try.

National Mortgage News: Continuing GSE conservatorship is a bad deal for taxpayers

Competitive Enterprise Institute: The Financial Crisis 10 Years Later: What’s Changed?

Wall Street Journal: New Details in Sexual-Harassment Allegations Against Mel Watt

Bloomberg: Fannie Regulator Refused to Cooperate With Harassment Probe, Report Says

Politico: Watt refused to participate in harassment probe

American Banker: FHFA denies rumors Watt will duck House hearing

Friday September 14 2018

New filings in Collins vs FHFA, click here to view.

Peter Chapman writes, “Treasury opposes the Collins Plaintiffs’ request for a rehearing in the Fifth Circuit. Treasury says the three-judge panel made the correct rulings so there’s nothing to review.  FHFA filed its response to the Collins Plaintiffs’ rehearing request agreeing with Treasury that anything the Collins Plaintiffs want reviewed shouldn’t be. A copy of that filing may be viewed here.

ABC News: 10 years after the financial crisis, not everyone has fully recovered

Competitive Enterprise Institute: The Financial Crisis 10 Years Later: Restrictions on Housing Supply Makes Matters

Bloomberg: The Mortgage Market Is Back a Decade After the Credit Crisis—With New Risks

Thursday September 13 2018

Investors Unite: Ten Terrible Years and a Prelude to More of the Same

Wall Street Journal: Hensarling’s GSE Reform Is the Wrong Move

American Banker: FHFA takes another big step toward single security for GSEs

DS News: FHFA Releases Plan to Better Align Fannie and Freddie

Wednesday September 12 2018

New filing in Angel vs. Fannie Mae, click here to view.

Peter Chapman writes, “Mr. Angel attached more than 2,000 pages of exhibits to his memorandum in opposition. ”

American Banker: How Ginnie Mae could break stalemate on GSE reform

The Hill: A decade after the financial crisis, mortgage market still needs fixes

CNBC: Former Fannie Mae CEO reflects on financial crisis

Knowledge at Wharton: Housing and Mortgage Markets May Have Recovered, but Risks Remain

Market Watch: Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson says renters are getting a raw deal

Tuesday September 11 2018

New filing in Angel vs. Fannie Mae, click here to view.

Peter Chapman writes, “Mr. Angel filed a memorandum in opposition to FHFA’s motion to dismiss yesterday. Because there are disputed facts concerning the government’s guarantee of full and timely payment of declared dividends to junior preferred shareholders, Mr. Angel argues, dismissal of his complaint at this stage is inappropriate, and the motion to dismiss should be denied.”

In mid-July, Mr. Angel’s lawsuit was transferred to Judge Lamberth.

New filing in Fairholme vs. U.S., click here to view.

Peter Chapman writes, “Judge Sweeney entered an order directing Fairholme to file its amended complaint by Mon., Oct. 1, wrapping up briefing on that motion to dismiss by Jan. 22, and saying that if Fairholme files and further motions to amend its complaint any resolution of those requests will be handled after she rules on the motion to dismiss the government will file on Oct. 1. ”

Forbes: Nobody In Congress Is Ready To Fix Housing Finance

Mortgage Orb: Bipartisan Proposal to ‘Restart the Much-Needed Dialogue’ on GSE Reform

Washington Post: A guide to the financial crisis — 10 years later

Herald Tribune: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s futures in flux 10 years after bailout

Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog: GSE Stuff, with a DJT connection

Monday September 10 2018

Update in Jacobs vs. FHFA: An audio recording of Friday’s oral argument before the Third Circuit is available here.

Credit Union Journal: This GSE plan may go nowhere, but it still matters

Market Watch: As conservatorship reaches 10th birthday, another overhaul proposal for Fannie and Freddie

Seeking Alpha: U.S. House takes a stab at Fannie-Freddie reform

Bloomberg:  Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Ten Years After the Financial Crisis (Video)

Bloomberg: 10 Years Later: The Bailout of Fannie & Freddie (Video)

Washington Post: A legacy of the financial crisis? The makings of the next one.

The Hill: Trump and Congress should turn their focus to Fannie and Freddie

Citizens Against Government Waste: GSE Uncertainty Continues to Put Taxpayers at Risk

Friday September 7 2018

New filing in Bhatti vs. FHFA, click here to view.

Peter Chapman writes, “The Bhatti Plaintiffs filed their opening brief in the Eighth Circuit this week. The Bhatti Plaintiffs ask the Court to rule that FHFA is unconstitutionally structured and to vacate the Net Worth Sweep. An addendum accompanies the brief, which may be found here.”

DS News: Are Reforms in the Cards for Fannie and Freddie?

American Enterprise Institute: Testimony: How a decade without GSE reform has once again put taxpayers at risk

Bloomberg: Fannie-Freddie Plan Unveiled as House Takes Fresh Stab at Reform

American Banker: Hensarling gives GSE reform another try

Housing Wire: Hensarling’s Hail Mary: Top Republican unveils sweeping bipartisan housing finance reform bill

ABA Banking Journal: Hensarling, Delaney Release Draft of Bipartisan GSE Reform Bill

Wall Street Journal: The Regrets of Lewis Ranieri

CNBC: Fannie and Freddie 10 years later

Market Place: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, 10 years after the bailout

RESPA News: NAR reflects on anniversary of Fannie, Freddie bailout

Scotsman Guide: GSE conservatorship hits a decade, and counting

National Law Review: Petitions for Rehearing En Banc Filed in Fifth Circuit Decision Finding FHFA Is Unconstitutionally Structured

Thursday September 6 2018

Wall Street Journal: Fannie and Freddie, Make Way for Ginnie Mae

CNBC: Decade after housing crash, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are Uncle Sam’s cash cows

The Daily Beast: The Federal Government Takes Control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Housing Wire: Trump administration set to dominate U.S. housing finance

Scotsman Guide: Lender group calls for action on GSE reform

Housing Wire: Top housing groups push Trump administration, Congress to enact permanent GSE reform

National Mortgage Professional: Trade Groups Make New Push on GSE Reform

Business Insider: Realtors® Reflect on Ten Year Anniversary of Conservatorship

Credit Union National Association: CUNA, trades call for ‘lock in’ of GSE reforms, add’l reforms

Brookings: Lessons from the financial crisis: The central importance of a sustainable, affordable and inclusive housing market

National Mortgage News: Treasury, FHFA chiefs are preparing for Freddie CEO’s exit

Reuters: Freddie Mac CEO to retire in second half of 2019

Wednesday September 5 2018

Washington Post: Commentary: 10 years after going into conservatorship, Fannie and Freddie need real reform

Tuesday September 4 2018

American Banker: Will federal control of Fannie and Freddie ever end?

The Hill: A fix for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac already exists

10 Years After Henry Paulson’s Colossal Blunder