August 2015

Monday August 31st 2015
WH and Other Odds and Ends – Bill Maloni Blog
The American Enterprise Institute, Crony Capitalism, and Research Integrity (Or How to Hit the Pause Button on Your Mission Statement) – Medium
Making Homeownership Less Exclusive – The Atlantic
Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me (OTCBB:FNMA) Is Back In Focus –
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@CGasparino is no fan of $FNMA – Twitter
Baby boomers are not selling off homes, but impacting economy in other ways – Deseret News National
Ron Kirk did not discuss the GSEs with President Obama per @JoeLight – Twitter
GSE Buyback Activity Slows Again in 2Q15; A New Low – Inside Mortgage Finance
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Support grows for Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s H.R. 1673, the “Enterprise Secondary Reserve Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act of 2015” – CEI
The Mirage of Wednesday November 4th 2015Fannie Mae-White House Truce Talks – WSJ
Frannie bear skeptical of settlement chatter – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae: Pressure Builds For A Negotiated Settlement – Bove – Valuewalk
At bloggerheads: The latest #FannieGate rumor challenged by the media – Housing Wire
Fannie Mae July 2015 Monthly Summary –
Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: When will mortgage lending pick up? – Housing Wire
Freddie Mac Issues Outlook for 2015 and 2016 – 24/7 Wall St
Freddie Lifts 2015 Origination Outlook by $100 Bil – Mortgage Daily
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Saturday August 29th 2015
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac settlements loom on horizon – NY Post
White House: Request to Review Fannie, Freddie Documents Was Standard — Market Talk – iBloomberg
Friday August 28th 2015
Is a Fannie and Freddie settlement near? – CNBC
Bove: Is a Fannie, Freddie settlement near? –
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July 2015

Thursday July 30th 2015
Trending Thursday: Is the job description “financial press” or “palace guard?” – Housing Wire
@JonAPrior tweets about the lone Rep. who voted against Royce’s GSE CEO compensation bill – Twitter
Derivative Gains Could Add $3 Billion To Freddie Mac’s Next Quarterly Earnings Report – Seeking Alpha
Rick Perry Channels Warren in ‘Too Big to Fail’ Speech – American Banker
Interesting remarks about the GSEs.
Wednesday July 29th 2015
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac need a permanent fix –
Fairholme 2015 Semi-Annual Report
Berkowitz Takes Our Government to Task – Valueplays
Bruce Berkowitz’s Fairholme Fund 1H15 – Questions For Government On Fannie Mae – Valuewalk
Lawmakers Move to Halt Fannie, Freddie Pay Raises – WSJ
If it Walks Like a Duck, and Talks Like a Duck – It Should Be Paid Like a Duck –
The real reason why the US Treasury took over Fannie and Freddie – Business Insider
Tuesday July 28th 2015
10,000+ Discovery Documents Mark Big Win For GSE Investors – Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
Bill Maloni added some new information to his latest blog post. See the comments section.
Fannie Mae – Judge To Treasury: Turn Over All Discovery Documents – Valuewalk
Same article from IU yesterday, with comments.
Take Action With the Mortgage Action Alliance –
Note the ‘Take Action’ section on the left hand side of the page. The MBA is headed by David Stevens.
Fannie-Freddie Pay Pits Obama and Republicans Against Watt – Bloomberg
John Carney might be finally coming around – Twitter
Why the U.S. Treasury Really Took Over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – FX Street
Bill to kill $3M raises for Fannie, Freddie CEOs gains momentum – Housing Wire
Monday July 27th 2015
GSEs get whacked in early legislative machinations – Bill Maloni
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June 2015

Tuesday June 30th 2015
The NY Times wants to remove the ‘protected information’ designation from the depositions of DeMarco and Ugoletti – IU
Blame Excellent Financial Conditions For Fannie And Freddie Conservatorship – Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
DS News Webcast: Tuesday 6/30/2015 – DS News
GSE Appeal Filed – Valueplays
Treasury sweep of Fannie, Freddie shareholder profits “costly for housing” – Housing Wire
Trey Garrison is a true friend.
Yale Legal Scholar: FHFA & Treasury “Exceeded” Authority on Fannie and Freddie – Investors Unite
Average Guarantee Fees on GSE Loans Are Two and a Half Times Their 2009 Level – DS News
Housing & Government Sponsored Enterprises FY 2015 President’s Budget –
Pg 10 “The dividend provision of each PSPA was amended in August 2012 to support the continued
solvency of the GSEs.”  How nice of them.
Monday June 29th 2015
GSE Summer-Lite – Bill Maloni Blog
Saxton v. FHFA – Have FHFA and the Treasury Exceeded Their Limited Authority under HERA? – National Law Review
There Is Still Time for Obama to Strengthen the American Dream for All – Huffington Post
Don’t Give Fannie and Freddie’s Business Away to TBTF Banks – Investors Unite
US hedge funds hit back in Fannie, Freddie battle – Financial Times
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Funds appeal over Fannie and Freddie – iHub via Financial Times
Quarterly Performance Report of the Housing GSEs –
Mortgage performance up from a year ago – Inman
FHLB Earnings Pumped Up by Mortgage Settlements – National Mortgage News
The spiraling idiocy of trying to solve the wrong problem – Dalton Daily Citizen
Hank Greenberg: I was forced out – Fox Business Video
Sunday June 28th 2015
03/04/2014 – Fannie Mae Accounting Scandal
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May 2015

Sunday May 31st 2015
Fannie Mae Monthly Summary for April –
Guest column: State lawmakers given stern warning on HOAs – VegasInc
Shadow banks grab record US loans share –
Google link
Saturday May 30th 2015
GSE Litigation Summary –
List of things I look forward to as a $FNMA shareholder –
Friday May 29th 2015
Confirmation Received: GSE Exec Discussed DTA Reversal With Treasury Pre- Sweep/ Ugolettis Worst Nightmare? – timhoward717
New Shareholder Lawsuit: The Government’s Actions Are Illegal – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk – with comments
Why is Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me Stuck on the OTCBB Despite Profitable Moves? – Journal Transcript
Thursday May 28th 2015
Legislation, Not FHFA’s Administrative Actions, Should Drive Housing Policy, Analyst Says – DS News
Mortgage Portfolio Expands for Seventh Time in Last Eight Months for Freddie Mac – DS News
REIT Outlook: Fannie Mae Securities Close at 104 1/32 – Market Realist
Wednesday May 27th 2015
Will Servicers Rally with GSE Reform? – Sims on Finance
RBS Seen Facing Up to $4.5 Billion to Close Mortgage Suit – Bloomberg
RBS mortgage settlement with FHFA could reach $4.5B – Housing Wire
The FHFA OIG, press releases – Fannie Mae Shareholders Blogspot
Looking Forward to Fannie and Freddie Appeal – Seeking Alpha
The Wrath of Hank: Ex-AIG CEO Greenberg Won’t Give Up at Age 90 – Bloomberg
Tuesday May 26th 2015
Caution: GSE reform could have serious unintended consequences – Housing Wire
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Reform To Be Center Of Shelby Bill Fight: Bove – Valuewalk
The WSJ and Barron’s Apologists for the Banksters Peddle Wallison’s Fables – The Real News
1Q15 GSE Business Volume Up Strongly in Nearly All States – Inside Mortgage Finance
What Happens to the Mortgage Market When the Fed Pulls
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April 2015

Thursday April 30th 2015
GSEs stress tested – Seeking Alpha
Leaked Treasury memo on Fannie, Freddie fuels fire for sweep critics – Housing Wire
Leaked Fannie (FNMA), Freddie (FMCC) Memo May Include a ‘Bombshell’, Dick Bove Says – StreetInsider
Fannie Mae’s Mortgage Portfolio Expands Again While Delinquency Rate Drops To 1.78 Percent – DS News
Wednesday April 29th 2015
Exclusive: Leaked Treasury Memo Counters Legal Claims – Inside Sources
Link to Leaked Memo (pdf)
Tuesday April 28th 2015
You Can’t Fix the Mortgage Market From Here – US News
Pershing Square 2015 European Investor Meeting [Slides] – Valuewalk
GSEs are on pages 43 and 44 of the presentation.
Monday April 27th 2015
Jousting with Grassley, Treasury Feints and Jukes – Bill Maloni Blog
Friday April 24th 2015
The Heavy Hand of US Market Intervention – Nick Timiraos tweet
Mortgage Industry Outlook Report – Hubspot (pdf)
User km provides comment to this report on
Avoid These Stocks at All Costs – Motley Fool
“Biz Talk with Jim Campbell” – Will Fannie & Freddie Need Another Bailout – with the Former Chairman of the FDIC – WYBC (podcast)
Blackstone’s Single-Family Rental Venture Could Go Public in Next Two Years – REIT
Thursday April 23rd 2015
Freddie Debt Eases Derivative Use That Prompted New Bailout Talk – Bloomberg
Brian Deese’s 5Point Plan (Summer of ’12 or thereabouts): – Medium
Fannie Mae: Lenders expect boost from GSE 97% LTV products – Housing Wire
Michael Stegman’s private label RMBS revival plan – Real Estate Rama
from @NY1David
03/10/2014 – Berkowitz: Treasury’s Rationale for Fannie Bailout Fix Is ‘Nonsense’ – WSJ
11/02/2009 – Goldman Eyes Tax Credits Fannie Mae Doesn’t Need – NY Times
09/08/2008 – Transcript: Paulson on Fannie, Freddie Bailout – CNBC
Wednesday April 22nd 2015
Fannie And Freddie: Recent Developments Point To
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March 2015

Tuesday March 31st 2015
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac MSR Portfolio with $10 Billion in UPB Up for Sale – DS News
Access denied: Reporters say federal officials, data increasingly off limits – Washington Post
Mel Watt, stuck in the middle with Fannie & Freddie – timhoward717 via American Banker
To Protect Taxpayers, Congress Must Bring Fannie & Freddie’s Story to a Close – Financial Services Roundtable
“We believe protecting American consumers means winding down Fannie and Freddie, and moving our country to a new housing finance system…”
Insiders’ Game – How Markets are Manipulated
Selected writings by David Fiderer
Insiders’ Game – Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac
All about the GSEs.
Former FDIC Chairman William Isaac to Present New Paper on Investors Unite Teleconference on Wednesday, April 1 at 2:00 p.m. EST – Investors Unite Blog
Former FDIC chair unleashes sharp critique of Fannie, Freddie treatment – Housing Wire
Trey Garrison on top of all things GSE.
Tell Your Representatives to Support HR 1673 – Voter Voice
Fannie and Freddie May Need More Bailouts – timhoward717 via WSJ
NealSNewmans gives an accout of today in court – timhoward717
Great stuff there. Thanks Neal!
FHFA’s Watt Charts Tricky Middle Path Through Housing Market in Limbo – Google Groups via American Banker
Ex-Fannie Mae CEO testifies in $1 billion mortgage trial of Nomura, RBS – Reuters
Barney Frank drops a bombshell: How a shocking anecdote explains the financial crisis – Salon
Court filing added in the Fairholme case. See ‘Court Filing’ section.
02/21/2001 – The Use and Abuse of Executive Orders and Other Presidential Directives –
Monday March 30th 2015
GSE Updates and “Go for it, Judge Sweeney” – Bill Maloni Blog
GSE reform could happen sooner than expected – MPG Mag
Mario Ugoletti: Do Not Leave the Country and Seek
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February 2015

February 2015
Saturday February 28th 2015
Fannie Mae Stock Information –
Posted for the first time since delisting.
01/22/2014 – How the Obama Administration Stole Fannie and Freddie – National Review
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Just Made Another $1.5 Billion — But Shareholders Won’t See a Dime – Motley Fool
Friday February 27th 2015
Questions to #AskWarren on #FannieGate and Market Valuations – David Sims Webcast
Jeb Bush says Florida years show he’s no moderate – Politico
He (Jeb Bush) said the powers of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to issue government-backed loans also “need to be reviewed.”
Kill Off Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and You Kill the 30-Year Mortgage as Well –
FHFA Division of Conservatorship – The Truth About FnF
Federal Housing Finance Agency Fiscal Year 2014 Performance and Accountability Report – The Truth About FnF
Popular Twitter Tags: #AskWarren   #FannieGate
Thursday February 26th 2015
David Sims Webcast – #NetNeutrality w/ $CMCSA $VZ and $NFLX , $MS & $RBS Settlements w/ $FNMA & $FMCC, $QQQ NASDAQ 5000 – Youtube
DOJ settles Mortgage security Fraud with …. To be paid to Fannie Mae #fanniegate – Fannie Mae Shareholders Blogspot
$FNMA court transcript –
Treasury, FHFA Are Ignoring the Law in Their Handling of Fannie and Freddie Conservatorships – Bloomberg BNA
I’ll have a Double Capuano – Brilliant Congressman Tries Again! – The Truth About FnF
Fannie, Freddie in shareholder, government showdown – Fox Business Video
RBS Could Pay $7.7B To Settle MBS Suit With FHFA – IU via
Wednesday February 25th 2015
“With The Advent Of Subprime Lending, Countless Families Have Now Had Their First Opportunity To Buy A home” Amnesia Victim Rep. Hensarling 2005 – TH717 Post
Who Gets Fannie, Freddie’s $151 Billion: Investors or Taxpayers – Bloomberg Presentation (pdf)
Dick Bove: Mortgage
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