January 2016

Friday January 29th 2016
New filing in the Fairholme case, click here to view.
Read a detailed explanation of the filing at www.cornerofberkshireandfairfax.ca/
If Trump Wins The White House, FNMA Soars – Jason Bond Picks
Pershing Square’s New Presentation, Part 2 – GuruFocus
City Leaders Call On Fannie Mae To Stop Sale Of Delinquent Mortgages – Valuewalk
Fannie Mae December 2015 Monthly Summary – fanniemae.com
Freddie Mac January 2015 Insight and Outlook – freddiemac.com
Form 8-K for Federal National Mortgage Association Fannie Mae – Yahoo
From 1/15. “Mr. Frater was a Founding Partner and Managing Director of BlackRock” and is now on the FNMA Board of Directors.
Pershing Square Holdings 2015 Annual Update Presentation – Pershing Square Holdings
GSEs start on page 82.
Do GSE Plaintiffs Have a Shot in State Court Regarding the Earnings ‘Sweep’? – Inside Mortgage Finance
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Thursday January 28th 2016
New filing in the Jacobs and Hindes case, click here to view.
Read more at GlenBradford.com
A Major Shift in Housing Demand is Currently Underway – RISMedia
Subprime Reasoning on Housing – NY Times
GSEs not mentioned.
Fast and Curious: The Futility of Hiding What is Known – TH717.wordpress.com
Ex-Fannie Mae Boss Mudd Pushes for Dismissal of SEC’s Fraud Suit – DS News
Basically the same article from yesterday.
07/08/2008 – Fannie, Freddie Adequately Capitalized: Lockhart – CNBC
Wednesday January 27th 2016
Joe Light Clarifies Parrott Deposition: DOJ States No Fifth Amendment Invoked – timhoward717.com
Fighting Through Fannie, Freddie Redactions — Market Talk – iHub
New Shelby campaign ad highlights senator’s opposition to Wall Street bailout – al.com
Ex-Fannie Mae CEO urges U.S. judge to toss SEC fraud case – Yahoo
Ex-Fannie Mae boss’s lawyer: SEC lacks civil fraud evidence – Yahoo
Freddie Mac’s Mortgage Investment Portfolio Changes Course
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December 2015

Thursday December 31st 2015
The Largest Investor in GSE Common (Pershing Square) Still Seems Bullish, but… – Inside Mortgage Finance
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Wall Street Journal op-ed ethers ‘toxic twins’ Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac – HousingWire
Wednesday December 30th 2015
Greedy Ass Retired Cops…STFU About the GSEs – Medium
Peter Wallison still isn’t coming around – GlenBradford.com
Fannie and Freddie Forever – WSJ
Opinion Journal: Fannie Mae’s ‘Risk-Free’ Bonds – WSJ Video
How does housing work in America? Fannie buys All of it. 2015 – Fannie Mae Shareholders Blogspot
Tuesday December 29th 2015
Fannie and Freddie Give Birth to New Mortgage Bond – WSJ
Fannie and Freddie: New Bonds With an Old Twist – WSJ
New Mortgage Securities Are Growing Business For Fannie, Freddie: WSJ – Barrons
Fannie, Freddie give birth to new mortgage bond – Seeking Alpha
Wall Street Breakfast: Santa Claus Rally Not Off The Table Yet – Seeking Alpha
Regulators Shouldn’t Rubber-Stamp Banks’ CRA Efforts – American Banker
A brief GSE mention.
A nice timeline of the major court cases from ‘obiterdictum’ – iHub
Is The Nonagency RMBS Market An Unloved Orphan? – Seeking Alpha
Monday December 28th 2015
Better Markets Goes to Court to Prevent Attempts by Certain Shareholders of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to Put Taxpayers on the Hook for their Losses – Better Markets
Maloni and Wallison Debate The GSEs – Fiderer on GSEs Blog
Martin Fridson Embraces The Big Lie To Challenge The Big Short – Fiderer on GSEs Blog
Fannie, Freddie Face Challenging Road on Rural Multifamily Goals – National Mortgage News
Lawless: The Obama Administration’s Unprecedented Assault on the Constitution and the Rule of Law – CATO Institute
Glen Bradford and Peter J. Wallison exchange emails – GlenBradford.com
03/27/2014 – Maybe … Freddie and Fannie weren’t
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November 2015

Monday November 30th 2015
Weird, but so appropriate for a Maloni blog, especially this one……… – Bill Maloni Blog
Case to Watch: U.S. set to defend Fannie, Freddie profit sweep – Reuters
Fannie Mae TBAs Fall 2 Ticks – Yahoo
House votes for Barr’s legislation to promote affordable home financing – RiponAdvance.com
@FHFA staff grows and cuts CEO pay at GSEs (that foot FHFA+Oig bills) – glenbradford.com
Fannie Mae – #17 in the Fortune 500 – fortune.com
No hike in limits for most federally backed mortgages – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae: No CEO Pay Raise Here – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae Releases October 2015 Monthly Summary – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae Monthly Summary October 2015 – fanniemae.com
Fannie Mae: Mortgage Serious Delinquency rate declined slightly in October – calculatedriskblog.com
Wednesday November 25th 2015
Background on the Consultants hired by the Government in the Fairholme case – Google Groups
Individuals with Access to Protected Information in Fairholme v. U.S., Case – glenbradford.com
No hike in limits for most federally backed mortgages – Seeking Alpha
FHFA announces 2016 conforming loan limits – HousingWire
California REALTORS® disappointed FHFA did not increase Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conforming loan limits – PR Newswire
It’s official: Obama signs bill limiting Fannie, Freddie CEO pay – HousingWire
Law Curbs Pay Raise for Freddie and Fannie CEOs – WSJ
Banking lobby splits over latest GSE-reform push – Scotsman Guide
Tuesday November 24th 2015
The Delaware Bay Company: The Cover-Up Continues – delawarebayllc.com
Article from PR Newswire
Article from TheStreet
Article from Valueplays and Valuewalk
Amid Delays In Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Reform, Frustration And Litigation Flourish – Valuewalk
Freddie Preps Next Risk Sharing Deal – structuredfinancenews.com
Is a Cut in Fannie/Freddie Guaranty Fees in the Cards for 2016 ? – iHub via Inside Mortgage Finance
The Fortune
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October 2015

Saturday October 31st 2015
5 Great Value Picks in the Financial Sector – Yahoo
The Fannie Grabbers – Con Job – Season 1, Episode 1 – Youtube
The Fannie Grabbers – Eaton Pork – Season 1, Episode 2 – Youtube
Harlen Green Fannie Mae Google Search
Some good articles from Harlan Green on the GSE topic.
Friday October 30th 2015
Armed With The Truth Black America Will Not Back Down: Block Buster Premiere – timhoward717.com
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s critical role in protecting Black America – Youtube
Fannie, Freddie, and Black America – Harvest
White House Opposes GSE Recap, Homebuyers Suffer – American Banker
Multiple Groups Fight For Return Of Fannie And Freddie – Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Stock: 3 Reasons Why FMCC Is a Top Choice for Value Investors – zacks.com
Same article from Yahoo.
2015 Annual Housing Report – FHFA.gov
Thursday October 29th 2015
NCRC, NAACP and LULAC Letter to President Obama – ncrc.org
NCRC, NAACP, LULAC Call on Obama Administration to Recapitalize, Continue Reforms of Fannie and Freddie – ncrc.org
Advocacy Groups Push White House on GSEs – National Mortgage Professional
Major civil rights groups join push to recapitalize Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac – HousingWire
Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Run like Government? Then Pay CEOs like Government: Congress – Valuewalk
Michael A. Stegman Remarks at the Annual Conference of the NAAHL – naahl.org
Stegman doubles down: White House will not recapitalize Fannie, Freddie – HousingWire
Freddie Mac Monthly Volume Summary September 2015 – freddiemac.com
Freddie Mac’s Mortgage Portfolio Sees Eighth Straight Month of Expansion – DS News
DS News Webcast: Thursday 10/29/2015 – DS News
Freddie Mac Sets Release Date for Third Quarter 2015 Financial Results – CNN
Michael Stegman is a Stone Cold Liar (Right to Receive GSE Shares
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September 2015

Wednesday September 30th 2015
Sweeney Grants Fairholme Another Win – Valueplays
Same article from Valuewalk
Crocodile Tears From Mortgage Lenders – BloombergView
Warren Demands HUD Curb Sales of Soured Loans to Private Equity – Bloomberg
Elizabeth Warren takes to the streets against REO, NPL investors – HousingWire
Freddie Mac Insight and Outlook – FreddieMac.com
FHFA Lawyering Up – Google Groups
timhoward717 has additional information.
Fannie Mae August 2015 Monthly Summary – FannieMae.com
Bob Corker’s “Jump Start GSE Reform” Will Only Prolong the Conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Valuewalk
Same article from IU yesterday.
Freddie Mac Rising – HousingWire Magazine
Tuesday September 29th 2015
Secrecy II: Treasury/FHFA Administrative Records And The U.S. Court Of Appeals, D.C. Circuit – Seeking Alpha by Wayne Olson
Fairholme Continues to Uncover Evidence in Discovery – Valueplays
NAREB Says That Wealth Gap Widening as Black America Is Left Out of Real Estate Recovery – prweb.com
“Congressman Meeks spoke of the value of the government-backed housing agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which provide the largest number of home loans to our nation’s homebuyers.”
How TARP created Trump – The Daily Journal
Hedge Funds: The Ultimate Absentee Landlords (Fall Preview) – oximity.com
As Banks Retreat, Private Equity Rushes to Buy Troubled Home Mortgages – NY Times
Action Plan Seeks to Reform Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac – The M Report
From yesterday
New Rules Put Mortgages Within Reach for More Families – Yahoo
Monday September 28th 2015
CHLA unveils plan for massive GSE reform, ending profit sweep – HousingWire
Boehner, the (@#$%#@&) SEC, and Lund – Bill Maloni Blog
Bob Corker’s “Jump Start GSE Reform” Will Only Prolong the Conservatorship of Fannie and Freddie – Investors Unite
Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s Increased Loss Mitigation Efforts Pay Dividends – DS News
Freddie Mac continues
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August 2015

Monday August 31st 2015
WH and Other Odds and Ends – Bill Maloni Blog
The American Enterprise Institute, Crony Capitalism, and Research Integrity (Or How to Hit the Pause Button on Your Mission Statement) – Medium
Making Homeownership Less Exclusive – The Atlantic
Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me (OTCBB:FNMA) Is Back In Focus – stocksntrade.com
Enter fake information for access.
@CGasparino is no fan of $FNMA – Twitter
Baby boomers are not selling off homes, but impacting economy in other ways – Deseret News National
Ron Kirk did not discuss the GSEs with President Obama per @JoeLight – Twitter
GSE Buyback Activity Slows Again in 2Q15; A New Low – Inside Mortgage Finance
Registration required, but it’s free to register.
Support grows for Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s H.R. 1673, the “Enterprise Secondary Reserve Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act of 2015” – CEI
The Mirage of Wednesday November 4th 2015Fannie Mae-White House Truce Talks – WSJ
Frannie bear skeptical of settlement chatter – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae: Pressure Builds For A Negotiated Settlement – Bove – Valuewalk
At bloggerheads: The latest #FannieGate rumor challenged by the media – Housing Wire
Fannie Mae July 2015 Monthly Summary – FannieMae.com
Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: When will mortgage lending pick up? – Housing Wire
Freddie Mac Issues Outlook for 2015 and 2016 – 24/7 Wall St
Freddie Lifts 2015 Origination Outlook by $100 Bil – Mortgage Daily
Registration required. I don’t have access, but the first paragraph looks promising.
Saturday August 29th 2015
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac settlements loom on horizon – NY Post
White House: Request to Review Fannie, Freddie Documents Was Standard — Market Talk – iBloomberg
Friday August 28th 2015
Is a Fannie and Freddie settlement near? – CNBC
Bove: Is a Fannie, Freddie settlement near? –
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July 2015

Thursday July 30th 2015
Trending Thursday: Is the job description “financial press” or “palace guard?” – Housing Wire
@JonAPrior tweets about the lone Rep. who voted against Royce’s GSE CEO compensation bill – Twitter
Derivative Gains Could Add $3 Billion To Freddie Mac’s Next Quarterly Earnings Report – Seeking Alpha
Rick Perry Channels Warren in ‘Too Big to Fail’ Speech – American Banker
Interesting remarks about the GSEs.
Wednesday July 29th 2015
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac need a permanent fix – gulfnews.com
Fairholme 2015 Semi-Annual Report
Berkowitz Takes Our Government to Task – Valueplays
Bruce Berkowitz’s Fairholme Fund 1H15 – Questions For Government On Fannie Mae – Valuewalk
Lawmakers Move to Halt Fannie, Freddie Pay Raises – WSJ
If it Walks Like a Duck, and Talks Like a Duck – It Should Be Paid Like a Duck – CollingWoodLLC.com
The real reason why the US Treasury took over Fannie and Freddie – Business Insider
Tuesday July 28th 2015
10,000+ Discovery Documents Mark Big Win For GSE Investors – Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
Bill Maloni added some new information to his latest blog post. See the comments section.
Fannie Mae – Judge To Treasury: Turn Over All Discovery Documents – Valuewalk
Same article from IU yesterday, with comments.
Take Action With the Mortgage Action Alliance – MBA.org
Note the ‘Take Action’ section on the left hand side of the page. The MBA is headed by David Stevens.
Fannie-Freddie Pay Pits Obama and Republicans Against Watt – Bloomberg
John Carney might be finally coming around – Twitter
Why the U.S. Treasury Really Took Over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – FX Street
Bill to kill $3M raises for Fannie, Freddie CEOs gains momentum – Housing Wire
Monday July 27th 2015
GSEs get whacked in early legislative machinations – Bill Maloni
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June 2015

Tuesday June 30th 2015
The NY Times wants to remove the ‘protected information’ designation from the depositions of DeMarco and Ugoletti – IU
NYT Intervenes $FNMA #FANNIEGATE DISCOVERY – GlenBradford.com
Blame Excellent Financial Conditions For Fannie And Freddie Conservatorship – Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
DS News Webcast: Tuesday 6/30/2015 – DS News
GSE Appeal Filed – Valueplays
Treasury sweep of Fannie, Freddie shareholder profits “costly for housing” – Housing Wire
Trey Garrison is a true friend.
Yale Legal Scholar: FHFA & Treasury “Exceeded” Authority on Fannie and Freddie – Investors Unite
Average Guarantee Fees on GSE Loans Are Two and a Half Times Their 2009 Level – DS News
Housing & Government Sponsored Enterprises FY 2015 President’s Budget – Treasury.gov
Pg 10 “The dividend provision of each PSPA was amended in August 2012 to support the continued
solvency of the GSEs.”  How nice of them.
Monday June 29th 2015
GSE Summer-Lite – Bill Maloni Blog
Saxton v. FHFA – Have FHFA and the Treasury Exceeded Their Limited Authority under HERA? – National Law Review
There Is Still Time for Obama to Strengthen the American Dream for All – Huffington Post
Don’t Give Fannie and Freddie’s Business Away to TBTF Banks – Investors Unite
US hedge funds hit back in Fannie, Freddie battle – Financial Times
Registration may be required, but it’s free to sign up.
Funds appeal over Fannie and Freddie – iHub via Financial Times
Quarterly Performance Report of the Housing GSEs – FHFA.gov
Mortgage performance up from a year ago – Inman
FHLB Earnings Pumped Up by Mortgage Settlements – National Mortgage News
The spiraling idiocy of trying to solve the wrong problem – Dalton Daily Citizen
Hank Greenberg: I was forced out – Fox Business Video
Sunday June 28th 2015
03/04/2014 – Fannie Mae Accounting Scandal
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May 2015

Sunday May 31st 2015
Fannie Mae Monthly Summary for April – fanniemae.com
Guest column: State lawmakers given stern warning on HOAs – VegasInc
Shadow banks grab record US loans share – FT.com
Google link
Saturday May 30th 2015
GSE Litigation Summary – Bankrupt.com
List of things I look forward to as a $FNMA shareholder – GlenBradford.com
Friday May 29th 2015
Confirmation Received: GSE Exec Discussed DTA Reversal With Treasury Pre- Sweep/ Ugolettis Worst Nightmare? – timhoward717
New Shareholder Lawsuit: The Government’s Actions Are Illegal – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk – with comments
Why is Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me Stuck on the OTCBB Despite Profitable Moves? – Journal Transcript
Thursday May 28th 2015
Legislation, Not FHFA’s Administrative Actions, Should Drive Housing Policy, Analyst Says – DS News
Mortgage Portfolio Expands for Seventh Time in Last Eight Months for Freddie Mac – DS News
REIT Outlook: Fannie Mae Securities Close at 104 1/32 – Market Realist
Wednesday May 27th 2015
Will Servicers Rally with GSE Reform? – Sims on Finance
RBS Seen Facing Up to $4.5 Billion to Close Mortgage Suit – Bloomberg
RBS mortgage settlement with FHFA could reach $4.5B – Housing Wire
The FHFA OIG, press releases – Fannie Mae Shareholders Blogspot
Looking Forward to Fannie and Freddie Appeal – Seeking Alpha
The Wrath of Hank: Ex-AIG CEO Greenberg Won’t Give Up at Age 90 – Bloomberg
Tuesday May 26th 2015
Caution: GSE reform could have serious unintended consequences – Housing Wire
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Reform To Be Center Of Shelby Bill Fight: Bove – Valuewalk
The WSJ and Barron’s Apologists for the Banksters Peddle Wallison’s Fables – The Real News
1Q15 GSE Business Volume Up Strongly in Nearly All States – Inside Mortgage Finance
What Happens to the Mortgage Market When the Fed Pulls
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April 2015

Thursday April 30th 2015
GSEs stress tested – Seeking Alpha
Leaked Treasury memo on Fannie, Freddie fuels fire for sweep critics – Housing Wire
Leaked Fannie (FNMA), Freddie (FMCC) Memo May Include a ‘Bombshell’, Dick Bove Says – StreetInsider
Fannie Mae’s Mortgage Portfolio Expands Again While Delinquency Rate Drops To 1.78 Percent – DS News
Wednesday April 29th 2015
Exclusive: Leaked Treasury Memo Counters Legal Claims – Inside Sources
Link to Leaked Memo (pdf)
Tuesday April 28th 2015
You Can’t Fix the Mortgage Market From Here – US News
Pershing Square 2015 European Investor Meeting [Slides] – Valuewalk
GSEs are on pages 43 and 44 of the presentation.
Monday April 27th 2015
Jousting with Grassley, Treasury Feints and Jukes – Bill Maloni Blog
Friday April 24th 2015
The Heavy Hand of US Market Intervention – Nick Timiraos tweet
Mortgage Industry Outlook Report – Hubspot (pdf)
User km provides comment to this report on timhoward717.com
Avoid These Stocks at All Costs – Motley Fool
“Biz Talk with Jim Campbell” – Will Fannie & Freddie Need Another Bailout – with the Former Chairman of the FDIC – WYBC (podcast)
Blackstone’s Single-Family Rental Venture Could Go Public in Next Two Years – REIT
Thursday April 23rd 2015
Freddie Debt Eases Derivative Use That Prompted New Bailout Talk – Bloomberg
Brian Deese’s 5Point Plan (Summer of ’12 or thereabouts): – Medium
Fannie Mae: Lenders expect boost from GSE 97% LTV products – Housing Wire
Michael Stegman’s private label RMBS revival plan – Real Estate Rama
from @NY1David
03/10/2014 – Berkowitz: Treasury’s Rationale for Fannie Bailout Fix Is ‘Nonsense’ – WSJ
11/02/2009 – Goldman Eyes Tax Credits Fannie Mae Doesn’t Need – NY Times
09/08/2008 – Transcript: Paulson on Fannie, Freddie Bailout – CNBC
Wednesday April 22nd 2015
Fannie And Freddie: Recent Developments Point To
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