October 2015

Saturday October 31st 2015
5 Great Value Picks in the Financial Sector – Yahoo
The Fannie Grabbers – Con Job – Season 1, Episode 1 – Youtube
The Fannie Grabbers – Eaton Pork – Season 1, Episode 2 – Youtube
Harlen Green Fannie Mae Google Search
Some good articles from Harlan Green on the GSE topic.
Friday October 30th 2015
Armed With The Truth Black America Will Not Back Down: Block Buster Premiere – timhoward717.com
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s critical role in protecting Black America – Youtube
Fannie, Freddie, and Black America – Harvest
White House Opposes GSE Recap, Homebuyers Suffer – American Banker
Multiple Groups Fight For Return Of Fannie And Freddie – Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Stock: 3 Reasons Why FMCC Is a Top Choice for Value Investors – zacks.com
Same article from Yahoo.
2015 Annual Housing Report – FHFA.gov
Thursday October 29th 2015
NCRC, NAACP and LULAC Letter to President Obama – ncrc.org
NCRC, NAACP, LULAC Call on Obama Administration to Recapitalize, Continue Reforms of Fannie and Freddie – ncrc.org
Advocacy Groups Push White House on GSEs – National Mortgage Professional
Major civil rights groups join push to recapitalize Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac – HousingWire
Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Run like Government? Then Pay CEOs like Government: Congress – Valuewalk
Michael A. Stegman Remarks at the Annual Conference of the NAAHL – naahl.org
Stegman doubles down: White House will not recapitalize Fannie, Freddie – HousingWire
Freddie Mac Monthly Volume Summary September 2015 – freddiemac.com
Freddie Mac’s Mortgage Portfolio Sees Eighth Straight Month of Expansion – DS News
DS News Webcast: Thursday 10/29/2015 – DS News
Freddie Mac Sets Release Date for Third Quarter 2015 Financial Results – CNN
Michael Stegman is a Stone Cold Liar (Right to Receive GSE Shares is Assignable) – Medium
Wednesday October 28th 2015
The Privatization Of Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac – Valuewalk
Fannie Mae: New bill to force US gov’t to liquidate assets. Turns out there aren’t any – Valuewalk
GSE Seller Profile: 3Q15 – Inside Mortgage Finance
Success of GSEs’ Credit Risk Transfer Programs Ensure They Are Here to Stay – DS News
Freddie Mac Continues to Reduce Credit Risk With Largest ACIS(R) Insurance Policy to Date for a Combined $502.6 Million Limit – Yahoo
From Monday
03/18/2014 – The Obamacare of Real Estate – The Weekly Standard
Tuesday October 27th 2015
Significant Lawsuits Concerning Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Net Worth Sweep – Bankrupt.com
Updated today.
Time to do the right thing – The Hill
By Michael A. Grant, President of the National Bankers Association
Bethany McLean discusses Shaky Ground on 11/16 in Chicago – eventbrite.com
Bethany McLean discusses Shaky Ground on 11/17 in Philadelphia – cfainstitute.org
Click the ‘Agenda’ tab.
Monday October 26th 2015
New Court Case filed. It is Robinson v. FHFA. Click here to view.
New Fannie and Freddie Shareholder Suit Filed in Kentucky – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk.
Investor Sues FHFA and Treasury Over GSE Profits – DS News
Senatorial stock tips – The Hill
Didn’t Jack Lew Once Tell Rep. Capuano F&F Repaid Their Debt? – Bill Maloni Blog
The Truth Itself Was Attacked Last Monday: We Will Prevail – timhoward717.com
Feds Want GSE Profits for Roads and Transportation – The National Real Estate Post (video)
Freddie Mac Insight and Outlook – freddiemac.com
Fannie Mae Conservatorship: A Forensic Look At The Bailout – Valuewalk
Of Course The Fannie Mae Rumor Was False – Seeking Alpha
Investor FAQ, Part II: Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Common And Preferred Stocks – Seeking Alpha by Wayne Olson
House will vote this week on measure to limit CEO pay at Fannie, Freddie – HousingWire
Good review of the court cases by ‘whaley’ – timhoward717.com
Sunday October 25th 2015
Fannie Mae’s Looser Lending Requirements Reminiscent Of Sub-Prime Practices – Valuewalk
“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s investors are still waiting to capitalize on the profits the companies’ have earned since entering conservatorship.”
08/15/2013 – Summers In Freddie & Fannie Out?WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot! – liberalbeef.com
07/24/2013 – Super lawyer Ted Olson says feds are stiffing investors in Fannie, Freddie – therealdeal.com
Friday October 23rd 2015
Worst Week in Washington: Administration Pledges to Starve GSEs – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk.
5 High-Risk, High-Reward Stocks We’re Watching – Motley Fool
Why Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Remain Frightening – Valuewalk
Presidential Candidates Address Affordable Housing at New Hampshire Housing Summit – RealEstateRama
Mel Watt: New Single Security Platform To Go Live Next Year – MortgageOrb
Thursday October 22nd 2015
Fannie Mae: Recap and Release” Not an Option—But Neither is Status Quo – Valuewalk
Don’t tax mortgages to pay for highways – ocregister.om
How Traffic Cones Could Affect the Housing Market — and Your Mortgage — Thanks to Congress – Forbes
Freddie CEO Subtly Fires Back at Administration Remarks – Mortgage News Daily
GSEs a Major Focus at Busy MBA Annual 2015 – timhoward717.com
Freddie Mac announces fourth actual loss risk-sharing deal – HousingWire
What should be done with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? – PBS (Video)
With Bethany McLean
Fannie, Freddie Reshaping Mortgage Market Without Congress’ Help – National Mortgage News
From Tuesday.
Wednesday October 21st 2015
Shadow Banking, Shadow Academy and Shadow Governance: Economic Collapse – pro-prosperity.com
Presidential Candidates Don’t Talk About Housing. Here’s Why – Forbes
Need a Home Mortgage? Fannie Says Forget the Pay Stubs – WSJ
Fannie Mae: Actual loss risk-sharing deals will be the standard moving forward – HousingWire
Let the competition begin: Fannie Mae’s headquarters officially on the market – bizjournals.com
Fannie More Bullish on Originations than MBA – National Mortgage News
Interesting tweet from timhoward717 – Twitter
Tuesday October 20th 2015
Weiss Fires Blanks at Investors – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk.
Book review: ‘Shaky Ground’ exposes zombie side of Freddie, Fannie – USA Today
Treasury Casting Shadows Of The Truth On Taxpayer Risk – financialnews.fyi
Timeline for Fannie-Freddie joint mortgage program seen in 2016 – Yahoo
Obama Officials Resist Calls to Release Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac – Bloomberg
Same article on Yahoo
Morning Money – Politico
Scroll down to ‘Rosner Responds to Weiss’
How Not to have a Real Discussion about Fixing Fannie and Freddie – Politico
MBA Chief: Washington Must End “Focus on the Past” – National Mortgage Professional
Fannie and Freddie won’t go away – Fortune
@AnnJPetterson tweet – Twitter
Her website brings you to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
Michael Stegman MBA Remarks on Future of GSEs – Scribd
navycmdr receives an email from Political Alpha – iHub
Short Takes: MBA Chief Advocates for a Future that Includes Fannie and Freddie… – iHub via imfpubs.com
Mortgage Insurers Pursue Deeper Coverage on GSE Loans – National Mortgage News
Cordray, Watt: Mortgage industry matures to meet new regulatory framework – HousingWire
“we have committed to using technology that will make the CSP adaptable for use by other secondary market participants,” Watt said.
Monday October 19th 2015
Obama Abandons The Truth And Throws Black America Under Bus: Egbert Perry To Even The Score – timhoward717.com
Lots of Corker and Will Stegman (Follow Weiss) Rebut Political Alpha? – Bill Maloni Blog
After Failing Repeatedly Corker Attempts To Get Obama To Tie His Own Hands: Amateur Hour? (Dropped A Bomb) – timhoward717.com
Prepared Remarks of Melvin L. Watt Director of FHFA at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Annual Convention and Expo 2015 – FHFA.gov
Stegman: White House will not consider recap and release of GSEs – HousingWire
How Not to Fix Fannie and Freddie – BloombergView
Lots of comments on this one.
Lew, Weiss push back on floating Fannie, Freddie – MarketWatch
Obama Treasury slams door on releasing Fannie and Freddie – Washington Examiner
Why Nothing Much Will Change For Fannie and Freddie Anytime Soon – WSJ
GSEs down sharply as Treasury squashes recap idea – Seeking Alpha
White House Punts on Fannie-Freddie Fate – WSJ
GSE leadership no longer expecting reform – HousingWire
Freddie Mac and Quicken Loans Enter Partnership to Make Home Financing Accessible for New Buyers – FreddieMac.com
Freddie Mac, Quicken Loans partner to offer low-down payment mortgages – HousingWire
Freddie Mac and Quicken to offer 3%-down mortgages – Seeking Alpha
Freddie Mac announces new program designed to make it easier for lenders to lend – HousingWire
Mortgage bankers predict $71B more in volume for 2015 – CNBC
Sunday October 18th 2015
After Words with Bethany McLean – C-SPAN
The Bailout Debt – philly.com
Column: Glass-Steagall is a debate Democrats don’t need – BendBulletin.com
A brief GSE mention.
Friday October 16th 2015
Obama Adviser Set to Dismiss Speculation of GSE Share Sale – Bloomberg
@Woellert, Redfin’s Senior Managing Editor for Research, tweets about Democratic Presidential Martin O’Malley’s comments on the GSEs. Tweet #1Tweet #2Tweet #3. Very interesting.
Investor FAQ: Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Common And Preferred Stocks, Part 1 – Seeking Alpha by Wayne Olson
Here’s Why Housing Must Be Propped Up – Zero Hedge
No specific GSE mention.
Why the federal government now holds nearly 50% of all residential mortgages – MarketWatch
Beyond Bailout Nation – Weekly Standard
$1B Later, Freddie Mac Wants To Deepen Its Manufactured Housing Offering – GlobeSt.com
Two of the Devils Are Still Here: A Conversation With Bethany McLean – observer.com
Reminder: After Words with Bethany McLean airs Saturday at 10 pm EDT on C-SPAN2
Thursday October 15th 2015
Government-backed mortgage lenders are the definition of too big to fail. Too bad we need them more than ever – Washington Post by Bethany McLean
“If banks control the nation’s mortgage market, does anyone think they’ll be allowed to fail in the next crisis? In which case, how are they not government-supported entities, as well?”
8 Stories to Follow at MBA Annual – National Mortgage News
Evaluating the Rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Federal Reserve Bank of NY
Evaluating The Rescue Of Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac – Valuewalk
This is a strange article. It seems like the author tried to mirror the FRBNY article but it did not turn out that way.
Deepak Narula: Time to Wind Down Fannie and Freddie – Bloomberg
GSE PMI Business on the Rise; Growth in Higher LTV Loans – iHub via imfpubs.com
Review: Why Can’t Something Be Done About Our Broken Home Mortgage System? – Huffington Post
Interest in New FHLB Securitization Option Steadily Growing – National Mortgage News
Four Takeaways for Banks from the First Democratic Presidential Debate – American Banker
Wednesday October 14th 2015
Letters to the editor, Oct. 15 – The Tennessean
IU Member’s Letter to Editor Cuts to the Chase on Corker’s Grudge Against GSEs – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk.
Individuals with Access to Protected Information in Fairholme v. U.S., Pursuant to Judge Sweeney’s Protective Orders – timhoward717.com
Housing Finance Reform: Where Do We Go from Here?
Event occuring on November 10th.
S&P: Don’t expect much change in U.S. backing for Fannie, Freddie – philly.com
Government’s Control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Unlikely to Change, Analyst Says – DS News
Fannie and Freddie Lighten Up on Lenders – The National Real Estate Post (video)
Tuesday October 13th 2015
Corker Acknowledges Inevitability Of GSE Release/ Ugoletti Departure Confirmed – timhoward717.com
Embattled official at center of Fannie Mae litigation retires – NY Post
Sen. Corker: Transforming Fannie and Freddie – ICQ Media Corp via CNBC
“Over time what I hope they become is a utility.”
Sen. Corker’s “About Face” on GSE’s – Valueplays
Same article from Valuewalk
Corker Now Says Fannie and Freddie Should be Reformed – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk
Massive new fraud coverup: How banks are pillaging homes — while the government watches – Salon
PSFS investor, who beat FDIC for $276M, wants $150B from taxpayers in Fannie/Freddie wreck – philly.com
Phasing Out the GSEs – nber.org
The authors wrote a similar paper in February 2015. The paper has the same abstract, it may be the same paper – economicdynamics.org
Monday October 12th 2015
Ugoletti, Schwind & Bowler Out: Who’s Next? – The Truth About FnF
Political Alpha, Angry Corker, the Speaker’s Job – Bill Maloni Blog
GSEs Steadily Sell off NPL Assets – GlobeSt.com
Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Is Fed, housing policy at a crossroads? – HousingWire
Bill Maloni comments on a Shaky Ground book review – arnoldkling.com
@NY1David with some background on Arnold Kling – Twitter
Mixed messages from lenders – Metro West Daily News
How Much Longer Can Our Unaffordable Housing Prices Last? (Spolier Alert: Not Much) – Zero Hedge
No GSE talk, but interesting info.
Sunday October 11th 2015
MBA Annual Convention and Expo 2015 occurs October 18th – 21st. Notable events below:
A View from Washington – with Mel Watt speaking
A Conversation with GSE Leadership
See the full Schedule of Events here.
Read Matt Hill’s comments on a review of Shaky Ground – arnoldkling.com
The Housing Edition (Podcast) – Seeking Alpha
Nothing new here.
Judge Steele responds to an email from navycmdr – iHub
Saturday October 10th 2015
Slate Money The Housing Edition – slate.com (podcast)
Featuring Bethany McLean.
Interesting news from NY Post business reporter @mcelarier – Twitter
Friday October 9th 2015
Corker + Pointer + GSE Credit Default Swaps (Say It Isn’t So) – Medium.com
A Biden Buddy Picks a Fight Over Mortgages – Bloomberg
Be Careful What You Wish For: FMCC, FNMA And Andrew Jackson – Seeking Alpha by Wayne Olson
Fannie Mae: More Controversy Over Bob Corker’s CNBC Appearance – Valuewalk
Presidential hopefuls, housing experts attack housing crisis – HousingWire
Mortgage Lenders Receives New Assurances From Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me – Journal Transcript
Freddie Mac sells another $305M worth of delinquent loans – Seeking Alpha
Demythologizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – iHub via Houston Chronicle
“…letting “too big to fail” banks take over the business and further increase their implicit government guarantee would be insane.”
Credit Access Affected by Diminishing Private-Label Securities Market – DS News
Why you should care that private investors don’t want to buy your mortgage anymore – Urban Institute
Fannie Mae: It Is Bob Corker Versus Bill Ackman – Valuewalk
Thursday October 8th 2015
Tearing down the wall of secrecy – The Hill
Did Sen. Corker violate SEC rules, Senate ethics by telling investors to short GSEs? – HousingWire
A White House flip-flop on Fannie and Freddie? Investors think so – NY Post
My Take On Senator Corker’s Investment Advice – Seeking Alpha
Trending Thursday: UnCorkering trouble in GSE reform land – HousingWire
U.S.: White House Looking into Ending GSE Conservatorship by Political Alpha – Scribd
Hedge funds pushing Fannie, Freddie IPO? – CNBC Video
Bethany McLean appears on CNBC.
Same video from Yahoo.
Sen. Corker on GSE reform – Yahoo Finance
Same video from yesterday. I include it for the comments.
‘Ron’ posts an email he received from Political Alpha – timhoward717.com
IG Condemns FHFA’s Review of GSE Budgets – DS News
U.S. Fed buys $6.2 billion of mortgage bonds, sells none – Reuters
10/26/2006 – Bob Corker’s affordable housing – knoxviews.com
Wednesday October 7th 2015
Political Alpha Releases What Appears To Be A Parody Of A GSE Research Note – timhoward717.com
@mcelarier tweets the GSE note is real – Twitter
Seeking Political Alpha: Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae And The American Dream – Seeking Alpha by Wayne Olson
Sen. Corker on Squawk on the Street (Video) – IQ Media Corp
Sen. Corker suggests we all short the stock of the GSEs.
Watch Bob Corker Tell Americans to “Short” Shares of Fannie and Freddie – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk
Sen Bob Corker Calls On Viewers To Short Fannie Mae – Valuewalk
Bill Maloni comments on this – iHub
Corker: GSEs are good shorts – Seeking Alpha
Sen. Bob Corker says investors should short Fannie and Freddie – MarketWatch
@mcelarier tweets @SEC response to Sen. Corker shorting recommendation – Twitter
Contact Sen. Bob Corker – senate.gov
Tell him what you think.
Risk Sharing Scrutiny Underscores Impracticality of Scrapping GSEs and the Need for Capital – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk
Congress Says ‘No’ to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac CEO Pay Hike; Misses Big Picture – nlpc.org
Santelli Exchange: Time ‘repeals’ all wounds – CNBC Video
Some GSE talk in there.
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac announce new mortgage buyback rules – HousingWire
Bethany McLean At MOAF: Shaky Ground (Part 1-3) – Valuewalk
Tuesday October 6th 2015
Influencer Interview: Bill Ackman – Bloomberg
GSE discussion starts at 22:09.
Political Alpha: This is what is known of the report Ackman referred to: – timhoward717.com
“the Administration is working behind the scenes to develop an endgame before President Obama leaves office.”
Housing Finance Reform: Opportunities and Obstacles of Risk Sharing – bipartisanpolicy.org
The video from today’s event will be posted here.
Corker and Warner at BPC: GSE reform just isn’t going to happen soon – HousingWire
‘All hell’ will break loose if Fannie has a bad quarter, senator warns – Washington Examiner
Why Nothing Much Will Change For Fannie and Freddie Anytime Soon – WSJ
Small Buyers Chip Away at Mountain of Distressed GSE Loans – National Mortgage News
IG: Thanks to the FHFA, Fannie and Freddie Have a Spending Problem – iHub via imfpubs.com
The MReport Webcast: Tuesday 10/6/2015 – The MReport
Daily Kos Rants – dailykos.com
09/30/2015 – How to Prevent the Next Mortgage Crisis – shelterforce.org
Monday October 5th 2015
Risk-Sharing Is No Substitute for Capital at Fannie and Freddie – American Banker
“Pipe up, stand up, stand up for your rights..” – Bill Maloni Blog
Investors Unite Launches an Interactive Timeline on the Conservatorship – Investors Unite
The Interactive Timeline can be found here.
Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: What are we going to do with Fannie and Freddie? – HousingWire
Santelli: ‘No courage to act’ – CNBC (Video)
GSE comments at 1:43.
Housing Finance Reform: Opportunities and Obstacles of Risk Sharing – bipartisanpolicy.org
Reminder: This is happening on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET.
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Combined Income Spikes in Q2 – DS News
In Quest to Quell Lender Buyback Fears, Freddie to Boost QC Tech – National Mortgage News
Sunday October 4th 2015
Fannie Mae: What Happens When Governments Use Capital Rules For Political Ends – Valuewalk
Friday October 2nd 2015
Mortage Mavens – Washington Post
Fannie Mae Common Shares May Have Little Upside – Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
Fannie Mae finds that lenders are easing credit standards – The Day
The Only Banker Sued for the Housing Crisis Prepares Her Appeal – Bloomberg
Under seal, Fannie Mae filed a Motion (Doc. 247)… – GlenBradford.com
Thursday October 1st 2015
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac: Deregulating The Mortgage Markets – Valuewalk
Trending Thursday: Staring right at the next housing crisis – HousingWire
One Weird Chart That Explains the Great Recession – American Thinker
Questions About Leak at Federal Reserve Escalate to Insider-Trading Probe – WSJ
“The leak probe centers on a confidential Sept. 12-13, 2012, meeting of senior Fed officials, when the Fed voted to begin a new effort to spur the economy by buying $40 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities each month. The Fed announced the move after the meetings concluded. It left open the possibility of further stimulus.”
Jumpstart GSE Reform Bill Reintroduced but Passable Reform at a Standstill – iHub via Inside Mortgage Finance