November 2019

November 25 2019

Wall Street Journal: Firms Warn of Risks in Plan to Take Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Private

Value Walk: U.S. Government Acted Like “Thugs” In Fannie, Freddie Case

Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog: Craig Philips did pro-GSE folks a big favor; he deserves thanks

November 21 2019

National Mortgage Professional Magazine: New Executive Hires at FHFA

November 20 2019

Wall Street Journal: Fannie, Freddie Regulator Launches Process for New Capital Requirements at Mortgage-Finance Firms

Reuters: U.S. housing finance agency to revisit key Fannie, Freddie capital rule

American Banker: FHFA will re-propose capital rule for Fannie, Freddie

Housing Wire: FHFA issuing new rules on allowing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac to rebuild capital

November 19 2019

Wall Street Journal: Fannie’s and Freddie’s Long Road to Public Offerings

American Banker: Bank Think: Don’t believe doom and gloom on Fannie, Freddie

November 18 2019

New filing in Fairholme vs. U.S.

Peter Chapman writes, “The Clerk entered a notation on the docket sheet today confirming, “On 11/19/2019 at 9:00 AM, the court is holding oral argument on defendant’s motion to dismiss in this case.  There will be overflow seating available. Following the conclusion of the argument, an audio recording will be available for purchase on the docket.”

Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog: Somebody’s ringin’ the bell; do me a favour, open the door and let ’em in, (the Beatles)

November 14 2019

Bloomberg Quint: Fannie-Freddie Share Sales Might Come in 2022, Watchdog Says

November 12 2019

Connect Commercial Real Estate: Walker & Dunlop Has Ideas for Enacting GSE Reform

November 11 2019

New filing in Fairholme vs FHFA.

Peter Chapman writes, “Judge Lamberth released his opinion this afternoon and entered an order saying Treasury must produce the documents Fairholme’s requested (or produce a privilege log identifying the documents it won’t produce and the reasons why).”

Judge Lamberth’s opinion may be viewed here

Judge Lamberth’s order may be viewed here

Reuters: Fannie, Freddie government lifeline cut could cause economic pain: DoubleLine

Value Walk: “An accounting irregularity bordering on fraud”, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac contradict themselves over net worth sweep

Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog: Message to FHFA’s Mark Calabria

November 8 2019

Wall Street Journal: JPMorgan Deal Shows Possible Path to Smaller Fannie and Freddie

Reuters: Exclusive: Freddie Mac hires McKinsey to review capital with government overhaul looming

November 6 2019

New filing in Fairholme vs. FHFA, click here to view

Peter Chapman writes, “An additional lawyer from Hagens Berman, representing Washington Federal, requested access to non-public discovery materials this week”

DS News: Calabria on GSE Reform: “Headed in the Right Direction”

American Action Forum: Update on GSE Reform

American Action Forum: Housing Finance Reform This Year Under Director Mark Calabria

November 5 2019

New filing in Rafter vs. U.S., click here to view

Peter Chapman writes, “Rafter Plaintiffs tell Chief Judge Sweeney the Fifth Circuit’s Collins decision is in the minority among the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal and, in short, urge her to ignore it.”

New filing in Angel vs Fannie Mae, et al.

Peter Chapman writes, “The parties have agreed FHFA’s brief will be filed on or before Dec. 12; Mr. Angel will file any reply brief on or before Jan. 22; and any final briefs will be filed on or before Feb. 12” The filings may be viewed here, and here.

New filing in Fisher vs U.S.

Peter Chapman writes, “The government tells Chief Judge Sweeney the Fisher and Reid Plaintiffs are misreading what the Fifth Circuit says in the Collins decision about shareholder standing and derivative claims” The filings may be viewed here, and here.

New filing in Fairholme vs U.S.

Peter Chapman writes, “Fairholme alerted Chief Judge Sweeney to the Fifth Circuit’s devision in Collins v. Mnuchin eight weeks ago, and the government filed a response yesterday saying the Fifth Circuit’s decision isn’t as persuasive as Fairholme thinks.”

Click here to view the plaintiffs filing

Click here to view the government’s filing

Forbes: The Government Should Have Shut Down Fannie and Freddie In 2008 – They Still Can

Fox Business: A battle could be brewing over privatization of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac: Gasparino

Fox Business: FHFA chief: Fannie, Freddie needs to be strong

American Banker: What CFPB’s day in court will mean for FHFA

November 4 2019

DS News: What’s Missing from GSE Reform

Appraisal Buzz: Fun with Fannie, Freddie, and Friends

November 1 2019

American Banker: GSEs need to shape up if they want to leave conservatorship: Calabria

Bloomberg: Fannie’s Watchdog Says Focus Is on Exit Strategy, Not Lawsuits

Orange County Register: Could Fannie and Freddie soon have competition?

Law 360: FHFA Constitutionality Case Not Fit For Review, Justices Told

The M Report: Fannie Mae Reports $4 Billion Income