November 2015

Monday November 30th 2015
Weird, but so appropriate for a Maloni blog, especially this one……… – Bill Maloni Blog
Case to Watch: U.S. set to defend Fannie, Freddie profit sweep – Reuters
Fannie Mae TBAs Fall 2 Ticks – Yahoo
House votes for Barr’s legislation to promote affordable home financing –
@FHFA staff grows and cuts CEO pay at GSEs (that foot FHFA+Oig bills) –
Fannie Mae – #17 in the Fortune 500 –
No hike in limits for most federally backed mortgages – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae: No CEO Pay Raise Here – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae Releases October 2015 Monthly Summary – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae Monthly Summary October 2015 –
Fannie Mae: Mortgage Serious Delinquency rate declined slightly in October –
Wednesday November 25th 2015
Background on the Consultants hired by the Government in the Fairholme case – Google Groups
Individuals with Access to Protected Information in Fairholme v. U.S., Case –
No hike in limits for most federally backed mortgages – Seeking Alpha
FHFA announces 2016 conforming loan limits – HousingWire
California REALTORS® disappointed FHFA did not increase Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conforming loan limits – PR Newswire
It’s official: Obama signs bill limiting Fannie, Freddie CEO pay – HousingWire
Law Curbs Pay Raise for Freddie and Fannie CEOs – WSJ
Banking lobby splits over latest GSE-reform push – Scotsman Guide
Tuesday November 24th 2015
The Delaware Bay Company: The Cover-Up Continues –
Article from PR Newswire
Article from TheStreet
Article from Valueplays and Valuewalk
Amid Delays In Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Reform, Frustration And Litigation Flourish – Valuewalk
Freddie Preps Next Risk Sharing Deal –
Is a Cut in Fannie/Freddie Guaranty Fees in the Cards for 2016 ? – iHub via Inside Mortgage Finance
The Fortune Magazine GSE article is displayed on top of this month’s cover – Twitter
Monday November 23rd 2015
Happy Thanksgiving, good health to all, except ISIS and its supporters! – Bill Maloni Blog
Sen. Chuck Grassley responds to an email from DRR27 – iHub
Fannie Mae: Crapo Once Again Pleads For Dropping Of G-Fee Provision From Highway Bill – Valuewalk
Freddie Mac November 2015 Insight & Outlook – Yahoo
@JoeLight tweet ‘Housing industry groups support amend. forbidding UST from selling Fannie/Freddie shares, using fees as offset’ – Twitter
@JoshRosner tweets Bob Corker’s staff was behind the support for the trade group letter – Twitter
Sunday November 22nd 2015
Federal National Mortgage Association’s SVP & Chief Risk Officer just declared owning 6,669 shares of Federal National Mortgage Association –
The filing can be viewed here.
Activists Urge FHFA to End Conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – DS News
Harvest Interview Series Vijay Marolia – Regal Point Capital – Valuewalk
From the bottom of page 3 of the embedded pdf, “The bottom line is that Treasury and the Federal Housing Finance Agency acted improperly; slowly but surely the truth is revealing itself. One of those truths is that we cannot keep our traditional mortgage environment without Fannie/Freddie.”
“My Subordinates Usually Make More Than I Do,” Says Freddie Mac CEO – Valuewalk
Saturday November 21st 2015
Insider trading is ugly, unfair and un-American – The Tennessean
This article has been removed from The Tennessean! Click the link above for the google web cache link.
Or click here for the Google Groups link.
Reform beyond Fannie and Freddie – Washington Post
Will Fannie Mae Deal Boost TransUnion? –
Friday November 20th 2015
The Real Upside to Fannie and Freddie –
Government’s Actions “Bizarre” and “Un-American” in Fortune’s Survey of GSE Saga – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk.
GSE CEO Pay Cap: Is it Justifiable or Is It Unwarranted? – DS News
Fannie Mae continues shifting credit risk to insurers – HousingWire
Crapo fights against using Fannie, Freddie fees for Federal infrastructure costs – HousingWire
Prince Stegman Deceivership Scam – Youtube
Welcome to Portland – No Vacancy – Portland Press Herald
No specific mention of the GSEs.
Thursday November 19th 2015
A funny form of conservation – Economist
White House Criticized for Housing Finance Reform – The Washington Informer
Corker, Warner Offer Jumpstart GSE Reform Amendment – The Chattanoogan
Senators Aggressively Push GSE Reform Act – DS News
Government Lending Bucked the Third Quarter Downturn Trend – iHub
Mortgage Industry Shows Mixed Feelings on House Vote to Cap GSEs’ CEOs Pay – The MReport
Is the Government Nationalizing U.S. Companies? –
Wednesday November 18th 2015
A Government Motion to Dismiss that Should Be Dismissed – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk.
Saudi Arabia said to plan Fannie Mae-style mortgage company – Gulf News
Building a Better Housing Finance System –
MBA: Mortgage applications reverse course, increase 6.2% – HousingWire
Tuesday November 17th 2015
What Did Former Fannie Mae CFO McFarland Reveal??? – Valuewalk
Is it Time to Buy Low on Fannie and Freddie? –
Chief Justice Myron T. Steele Joins Investors Unite for a Legal Update Teleconference – Investors Unite
Listen to today’s toll free teleconference replay.
Read more about the teleconference at this Google Groups discussion.
‘larsoncapitalgroup’ summarizes the teleconference –
navycmdr emails Judge Steele – iHub
HaloHat emails Judge Steele – iHub
First American economist: Freddie, Fannie loan limits will rise – HousingWire
Freddie Mac CEO on Pay Cap: It’s Just Symbolic – WSJ (video)
[VIDEO] Freddie Mac CEO: Job is public service, pay cap is symbolic – HousingWire
Recap and Release: Not the right path to affordable mortgages – HousingWire
What the Fannie and Freddie Pay Cap Means for Investors – WSJ
DOJ reportedly pursuing criminal charges against JPMorgan Chase, RBS executives – HousingWire
Monday November 16th 2015
Why Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Survived –
Same article from yesterday, but read the comment from ‘Dan Wheeler’ after the article.
Keep the GSE World in Perspective – Bill Maloni Blog
The Stench Of Freddie Mac Is Back——An $18 Billion Spree Of Crony Capitalist Thievery –
Same article from The Huffington Post
Chief Justice Myron T. Steele Joins Investors Unite for a Legal Update Teleconference – Investors Unite
navycmdr receives an email reply from Judge Steele – iHub
House to vote Monday on limiting GSE CEO pay – Housing Wire
@JonAPrior tweets about the GSE Compensation legislation – Twitter
Bill clears House to curb pay of CEOs of Fannie, Freddie – Yahoo
Sunday November 15th 2015
Why Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac survived – Washington Post
Friday November 13th 2015
How Uncle Sam Nationalized Two Fortune 50 Companies – Fortune
A must read.
Treasury’s Claims About Fannie and Freddie Need A Reality Check – National Mortgage News
By David Fiderer
22nd Annual Distressed Investing Conference Program & Faculty – PR Newswire
This is occuring on Monday November 20 and will feature Jim Millstein at 1:35 pm, Myron Steele at 3:30 pm, and Gary Hindes at 4:30 pm.
@JoshRosner tweets about Sen. Corker’s interesting voting record – Twitter
Chief Justice Myron T. Steele Joins Investors Unite for a Legal Update Teleconference – iHub
Fannie Mae offers added flexibility to borrowers – The Real Deal
I said I thought Fannie and Freddie’s attempts to transfer some mortgage guarantee credit risk… –
Thursday November 12th 2015
Creditworthy buyers get extra flexibility from Fannie Mae – Washington Post
The Fannie Grabbers – Emma’s Prayer – Season 8, Episode 3 – Youtube
Speed Of Sales And Buyers Create Questions About Purpose Of Fannie Mae’s NPL Bulk-Sales – Valuewalk
GSE’s ‘Recap and Release’ Touted by Former White House Advisors – The MReport
Wednesday November 11th 2015
Watchdog Group Calls for SEC Probe of Senator’s Trades – Inside Sources
Watchdog groups want senator investigated for insider trading – NY Post
fanofred follows up to yesterday’s blog post –
A Tale of Two Bailouts from @alexisgoldstein – Twitter
navycmdr emails Judge Steele – iHub
Waiting On Congress To Reform Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Is Unrealistic; White House Must Act – Valuewalk
Individuals with Access to Protected Information in Fairholme v. U.S. –
Gore & Obama Admin Lay Out Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Reform Strategy? – Valuewalk
Corker’s financial portrait – Washington Post
A close-up look at congressional wealth – Washington Post
Corker and Warner are right up there.
Tuesday November 10th 2015
Fannie and Freddie Boards did not consent…because they never met…! – The Truth About FnF
Singin’ In The Rain, Freddie Mac And Fannie Mae, Recap And Release, And Affordable Housing In America – Seeking Alpha by Wayne Olson
Campaign for Accountability Requests SEC and Ethics Investigation of Sen. Robert Corker (R-TN) for Insider Trading –
Campaign For Accountability Requests SEC And Ethics Investigation Of Sen. Bob Corker For Insider Trading – Valuewalk
Sen. Bob Corker faces complaints of possible insider trading –
Would An SEC Investigation Force Senate Corker To Vacate The Senate Banking Committee? – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk
Housing Data, Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac’s Lower Interest Rates Send Mixed Messages – Valuewalk
Some recent court orders… – Google Groups
Interview with Laurie Goodman, Director of the Housing Finance Policy Center at Urban Institute –
Laurie Goodman with some thoughts on the GSEs.
Fannie Mae completes third non-performing loan sale – HousingWire
Freddie Mac Launches Another $1B-Plus NPL Auction; Plenty of Product Left in the Well – iHub via Inside Mortgage Finance
Goldman and Fortress Win the Bid for Fannie NPLs – iHub via Inside Mortgage Finance
Today’s Effects of the Current U.S. Housing Affairs on Communities of Color Conference Call  – (mp3)
41:34 Total Length
With Wade Henderson, President and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, 00:25 – 07:51
Gerron Levi, Director of Policy and Government Affairs at the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC), 07:53 – 15:05
Hector Sanchez, Executive Director of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA), 16:32 – 20:31
Mike Calhoun, President of the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), 21:33 – 27:33
Questions 28:42 – End.
Monday November 9th 2015
Protecting Duties to Serve and Responsible Next Steps for Reforming the Secondary Mortgage Market:
A Case for the Recapitalization and Continued Reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac –
NCRC Releases Paper Calling For Protection of Duties to Serve, Recapitalization and Reform of Fannie and Freddie – RealEstateRama
Fannie change would boost affordable housing and feather hedge beds: report – NY Post
No-nothings, Watt (knows some things), Corker (oh, oh), and marbles – Bill Maloni Blog
How to Avoid the Next Credit Crisis Even If Politicians Won’t – Time
Recapitalizing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac: A Strategy to Promote Affordable Housing – Valuewalk
More Circular Reasoning on GSE Recapitalization and Reform – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk.
Bill Ackman Pershing Square Conference Call – Valuewalk
28 Trades: Sen Corker’s 2014 Annualized OTC Trade Returns (You Have to See It to Believe It) – Medium
Fed pushes back against $30b raid by cash-hungry Congress – Washington Examiner
GSE volume through third-quarter 2015 surpasses total for all of last year – Scotsman Guide
Senator Corker: Day Trader and OTC Stock Specialist? –
Sunday November 8th 2015
You Won’t Believe Who Is Joining in the Fight for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Motley Fool
Federal National Mortgage’s (FNMA) CEO Tim Mayopoulos on Q3 2015 Results – Earnings Call Transcript – Seeking Alpha
Senator Bob Corker’s Highly Lucrative (61% Annualized Return) Short-term, Esoteric Trades – Medium
I tend to agree with this @fanofred tweet – Twitter
Fannie Mae’s Housing Forecast –
Pershing Square 3Q 2015 Quarterly Conference Call –
Occurs Monday at 11 am EST.
Friday November 6th 2015
A Strategy to Promote Affordable Housing for All Americans By Recapitalizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac –
Fannie Mae: An Accounting Mess – Bove – Valuewalk
Bob Corker: 2 Graphs and a Table (Paging Senate Ethics, Paging Senate Ethics) – Medium
House Approves Amendment Limiting G-Fee Use –
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Q3 Earnings Reports Fuel Bailout Speculation – DS News
@JonAPrior tweet
Thursday November 5th 2015
Hedge Funds Get Boost on Mulvaney Bill to Free Fannie, Freddie – Bloomberg
01/28/2015 – Rep. Mulvaney Questions FHFA Director Mel Watt – Youtube
Freddie Mac Decides To Cut Funding To Treasury – Valuewalk
Freddie Mac’s Loss Shows Need to Protect Taxpayers from GSE Raids –
Taxpayers May Be Funding Billionaires’ Biggest Apartment Deals – Bloomberg
Fannie Mae Reports Net Income of $2.0 Billion and Comprehensive Income of $2.2 Billion for Third Quarter 2015 –
Fannie Mae reports Q3 results – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae 3Q net income more than cut in half to $2B – HousingWire
Fannie Mae posts $2B profit for 3Q; paying $2.2B dividend –
Fannie Mae profit cut in half – MarketWatch
Fannie Mae’s Profit Halved – WSJ
Fannie Mae logs lower profit amid murky growth prospects – Yahoo
Fannie Mae CEO: Stable Housing Finance Is The Goal, Not Maximizing Profits – Forbes
Fannie’s and Freddie’s Earnings Can’t Set Them Free – WSJ
The Schedule Is Appealing: Moving Forward, Freddie And Fannie, And The Search For Justice – Seeking Alpha by Wayne Olson
Report: Corker didn’t report millions of dollars in stock purchases – The Commercial Appeal
Oppose all Policy Riders to the Omnibus Bill –
GSE Financials Show Why We Need Reform – David Stevens Blog
Fannie, Freddie fees likely won’t fund new roads – HousingWire
Amid News Of $475m In Q3 Losses, Freddie Mac CEO Urges More Low Down Payment Loans – Valuewalk
GSE Conforming Loan Limit Going Nowhere in 2016 – iHub via Inside Mortgage Finance
Compass Point: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac will need another bailout – HousingWire
How Fannie Avoided Freddie’s 3Q Fumble – National Mortgage News
Wednesday November 4th 2015
Sen. Bob Corker Profits on Quick Stock Trades – WSJ
U.S. Senator, or Day Trader? – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk.
Bob Corker Made Millions Trading Tennessee Real Estate Firm Stock – Valuewalk
Time to #AuditCorker on Stock Trades – RidgeHaven Capital (podcast)
Freddie Posts First Loss in Four Years – The National Real Estate Post (video)
A nice breakdown of the situation.
U.S. Treasury Gravy Train Grinds To A Halt: Freddie Mac Has $475M Q3 Loss – Valuewalk
Suddenly, the GSEs Are A Problem Again – Globe St
Short Takes: A Kinder, Gentler Fannie Mae on LLPAs? / Former Fannie Exec Blames the Government for the GSE ‘Crisis’ / MBA Weighs In… – Inside Mortgage Finance
Registration required, but it’s free to register.
“In a statement, Rood accused the government of “engineering the crisis at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,” adding that the GSEs should be allowed to recapitalize”
CHLA/CMLA Joint Letter to President Obama – Amending the Sweep Agreement and Recapitalizing the GSEs –
Two Trade Groups Implore White House to Use HERA to Recap the GSEs – Inside Mortgage Finance
Rubio: My financial history makes me relatable to Americans – Fox News Video
Former Ginnie Mae CEO says ‘the status quo’ will trump GSE reform – Scotsman Guide
Bernanke and the Slow-Growth Crew – WSJ
Dick Bove: Freddie Mac is insolvent – HousingWire
Seeking People Who Wrote To Hill, SEC About Corker – Google Groups
The WSJ wants to hear from you!
Tuesday November 3rd 2015
Fannie Mae: Mis-Information On Both Sides Will Make Resolution Tougher – Valuewalk
Freddie Mac Reports Third Quarter 2015 Financial Results –
Freddie Mac 3Q Earnings Announcement Reinforces Need for GSE Capital Retention – Investors Unite
Freddie Mac reports first loss in four years – HousingWire
Freddie Mac posts $475M loss in 3Q; no dividend payment – Yahoo
Freddie Mac reports first loss in four years; no draw from Treasury though – Seeking Alpha
Freddie Mac reports Q3 results – Seeking Alpha
Freddie Mac reports first quarterly loss in four years – MarketWatch
Freddie Mac Swings to Loss – WSJ
Freddie Mac’s (FMCC) CEO Don Layton on Q3 2015 Results – Earnings Call Transcript – Seeking Alpha
Freddie Mac Posts 3Q Loss But Won’t Need Treasury Funds – National Mortgage News
Freddie Mac Won’t Need Treasury Aid After Third-Quarter Loss – Bloomberg
FHFA Chief Mel Watt Sets the Table for an Eventual Treasury Draw by the GSEs? – iHub via
Freddie Mac’s $500M Loss Puts It on Defensive – National Mortgage News
Corker Statement on Freddie Mac Third Quarter $475 Million Loss – The Chattanoogan
Brown: Forget Fantasy Football, our candidates must address America’s housing crisis – Fox News
A brief GSE mention by Sen. Scott Brown.
Monday November 2nd 2015
717, Trevor Thompson, and the Admin’s Bank Butt Kissing – Bill Maloni Blog
House vote on GSE CEO pay limits delayed two weeks – HousingWire
House Postpones Vote on Proposal to Cap Salaries of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac CEOs – DS News
@JoeLight reports on GSE earnings dates – Twitter
Fannie Mae Announces Scheduled Release of Third Quarter 2015 Financial Results – Seeking Alpha
Solid Month at Fannie –
Subscription required.
Sunday November 1st 2015
Fannie Mae: Leading Civil Rights Advocates Urge Obama To “Recap And Release,” While Stegman Stands Firm – Valuewalk
Homeownership’s Rise And Fall Is Disconnected From Housing Policy –
04/22/2009 – Reported Suicide Is Latest Shock at Freddie Mac – NY Times
“David M. Moffett, resigned in part, he said, because federal regulators were using Freddie Mac to carry out economic policy at the expense of nursing the publicly held company back to financial health.”
“Freddie Mac executives wanted to emphasize to investors that they believed the company was being run to benefit the government, rather than shareholders. The company’s regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Authority, had pushed to play down that language.”