May 2017

Wednesday May 31st 2017
New filing in the Fairholme case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “The government delivered a request to Judge Sweeney this afternoon asking for permission to file a corrected status report. The government indicates that, because of an oversight, 839 FHFA documents weren’t turned over to Fairholme’s lawyers until today.”
A Framework for Improving Access and Affordability in a Reformed Housing Finance System –
By Michael A. Stegman
BPC: Here’s a bipartisan path forward to accomplish GSE reform – HousingWire
This Political Fight Is a Big Threat to Fixing the Mortgage Market – Bloomberg
Fannie Mae Hits $1 Trillion Milestone for Credit Risk Sharing Transactions – PR Newswire
Release of Blueprint for Restoring Safety and Soundness to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Business Wire
Occurs Thursday June 1st at 10:30 am EDT
Fannie Freddie Regulator Has Law On His Side To End Net Worth Sweep Now – Infowars
Tuesday May 30th 2017
New filing in the Fairholme case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “Judge Sweeney entered an opinion and Order this afternoon, saying that because the government’s initial discovery-related objections were substantially justified, she will not order the government to pay Fairholme’s legal fees.”
2nd filing in the Fairholme case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “The government delivered a Status Report to Judge Sweeney indicating that it has turned additional documents over to Fairholme’s lawyers over which it previously asserted claims of privilege.”
New filing in the Collins case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “The Fifth Circuit received the Collins Plaintiffs’ appeal today and the Clerk has assigned No. 17-20364 to that appellate proceeding.”
New filing in the Deloitte case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “To accelerate the appeal process, the Edwards Plaintiffs are asking Judge Scola to direct the Clerk to enter a formal judgment rejecting their remand request, substituting FHFA for the plaintiff-shareholders, and dismissing their lawsuit.”
New filing in the Pagliara v. Fannie Mae case, click here to view.
Do Legal Losses Matter When GSE Reform Direction Changes? – Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
Credit Risk Transfers: Hot Topic of 2017 – DS News
Monday May 29th 2017
Various GSE Documents –
I believe we’ve seen these before.
Saturday May 27th 2017
After 9 years of sweeping Fannie and Freddie under the rug, risks begin to emerge – The Hill
By Mark Zandi
Friday May 26th 2017
New filings in the Sammons case in the Western District of Texas.
Brief for the United States of America
Reply Brief of the Appellant
Peter Chapman writes, “Copies of the government’s brief and Mr. Sammons’ reply brief are (linked above.)”
New filing in the Robinson case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “FHFA sent a letter to the Sixth Circuit to alert it to Judge Atlas’ decision dismissing the Collins Plaintiffs’ complaint and urging the Court to continue the unbroken line of decisions saying section 4617(f) of HERA bars GSE shareholder litigation.”
New filing in the Deloitte case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “Getting ready, apparently, to get ready to appeal to the Eleventh Circuit, Bryan S. Gowdy at Creed & Gowdy, P.A., entered his appearance on behalf of the Edwards Plaintiffs today.”
What We’re Hearing…What About a Partial Capital Cushion for the GSEs? – Inside Mortgage Finance
Senate Banking Chair Crapo wants GSE reform bill ready this year… via @Zachary – Twitter
Thursday May 25th 2017
New filings in the Saxton case.
Brief of Plaintiffs-Appellants (Doc. 15)
Addendum of Brief of Plaintiffs-Appellants (Doc. 16)
Peter Chapman writes, “The Saxton Plaintiffs delivered their opening brief to the Eighth Circuit yesterday, urging the appellate tribunal to follow Judge Brown’s reasoning and conclude that FHFA and Treasury exceeded their authority under HERA, their actions aren’t fully insulated from judicial review, and shareholders are not powerless while the GSEs are in conservatorship. A copy of the opening brief (Doc. 15) and an addendum (Doc. 16) are (linked above).”
New filing in the Collins case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “The Collins Plaintiffs filed a notice of appeal this afternoon indicating they will ask the Fifth Circuit to review Judge Atlas’ decision.”
Trump budget could have big news for Fannie and Freddie – CNBC
Wednesday May 24th 2017
New filing in the Robinson case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “Ms Robinson’s lawyers at Cooper & Kirk distinguish the AIG case from this case, explaining that AIG’s deal with the Fed was an arms’-length transaction and the Net Worth Sweep wasn’t.”
2nd filing in the Robinson case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “FHFA’s lawyers at Arnold & Porter say that Mr. Watt’s recent testimony isn’t any form of additional authority for the court to consider and, in any event, is entirely consistent with FHFA’s position.”
Trump Budget Perspectives on Fannie and Freddie Depart from Obama Era Approach – Investors Unite
Fannie and Freddie Endgame Takes Shape – WSJ
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Freddie, Fannie Could See Reduced Role if U.S. Starts Guaranteeing Certain Mortgage Securities – TheStreet
Steve Mnuchin: A Traitor To His Class – DealBreaker
BRIEF-Fannie Mae prices $1 bln Connecticut avenue securities risk sharing deal – Reuters
MBA Chief: Don’t Leave Necessary GSE Reforms to the FHFA – Inside Mortgage Finance
Tuesday May 23rd 2017
Analytical Perspectives Budget of the U. S. Government Fiscal Year 2018 –
GSEs are discussed throughout the document. Perform a word search for ‘fannie’, ‘freddie’, or ‘GSE’. Also see pages 211-213.
Trump budget proposes saving $1.1 billion over 10 years by eliminating Fannie/Freddie contributions to housing trust funds via @josephlawler – Twitter
[email protected]: ‘Reform of Fannie/Freddie are necessary if we don’t want to find ourselves repeating the mistakes of history’ via @SallyPancakes – Twitter
Trump Budget Projects $142 Billion In Revenue From Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Breitbart
KBW Says Leave the GSE Dividend Alone, Go with More Risk-Sharing Deals – Inside Mortgage Finance
U.S. Looks To Get Mortgage Giants Fannie And Freddie Out Of Conservatorship – NPR
Freddie Funds $28B in Mortgages – DS News
Monday May 22nd 2017
New filings in the Collins case.
Memorandum and Order
Final Judgment
Peter Chapman writes, “Judge Atlas entered a Memorandum and Opinion and Final Judgment this afternoon dismissing the Collins Plaintiffs’ APA claims against FHFA and Treasury for the same reasons Judge Lamberth dismissed them, and concluding that FHFA’s structure is constitutional.”
Fannie and Freddie – Eight Years and Counting –
Chances of a ‘Win’ by GSE Stock Speculators Dimming? – Inside Mortgage Finance
Saturday May 20th 2017
New filings in the Roberts case.
Appearance & Circuit Rule 26.1 Disclosure Statement
Appearance & Circuit Rule 26.1 Disclosure Statement
Appearance & Circuit Rule 26.1 Disclosure Statement
Peter Chapman writes, “FHFA’s three-lawyer team at Arnold & Porter entered their appearances in the appeal before the Seventh Circuit.”
11 judges will soon decide the fate of a polarizing US agency – Yahoo
Friday May 19th 2017
New filing in the Robinson case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “Treasury wants the Sixth Circuit to know about the Federal Circuit’s recent decision entered in the AIG litigation, saying that ruling supports the government’s argument that Ms. Robinson’s claims are derivative, rather than direct, and are therefor barred under HERA.”
2nd filing in the Robinson case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “Ms. Robinson wants the Sixth Circuit to pay close attention to Mel Watt’s recent testimony before the Senate Banking Committee where he said HERA obligates FHFA to conserve and preserve, contradicting FHFA’s argument in its court filings that it has no such duty.”
Opportunity Knocks for Housing Reform – U.S. News
Are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Poised to Jump on Strong Housing Trends? – The Motley Fool
Fannie Mae’s (FNMA) CEO Tim Mayopoulos on Q1 2017 Results – Earnings Call Transcript – Seeking Alpha
From May 5th.
Thursday May 18th 2017
New filing in the Piszel case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “A copy of Mr. Piszel’s petition for a writ of certiorari is (linked above).”
Domestic and International Fiscal Policy Update – C-SPAN
Video with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
Statement of Steven T. Mnuchin Secretary, United States Department of the Treasury before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs United States Senate –
Prepared Remarks of Melvin L. Watt, Director of FHFA at American Mortgage Conference, North Carolina Bankers Association –
Meet the new “Never Trumper.” – Rocky Top Politics
Administration Can Act and Should on GSE Reform – Investors Unite
Mnuchin: Housing finance reform a ‘priority’ for Trump White House – CNN
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: Expect GSEs to continue paying dividend – HousingWire
Mnuchin says he expects Fannie, Freddie to continue to pay dividends – MarketWatch
Mnuchin May Face Fight With Watt Over Fannie-Freddie Dividends – Bloomberg
Watt & Mnuchin Tackle GSE Reform – The MReport
Mnuchin: A GSE reform plan will come this year – Scotsman Guide
Trump Administration Could Support Government Backstop for Fannie and Freddie, Mnuchin Says – WSJ
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Freddie Mac Prices First RPL Sale This Year – DS News
FHFA’s Watt reiterates that housing finance reform must come from Congress – HousingWire
Amerizuela: $FNMAS Fannie Mae – Only One Outcome, Rule Of Law Matters –
Wednesday May 17th 2017
New filings in the Saxton case.
Public Administrative Order (Doc. 111)
Transmittal Letter (Doc. 112)
Peter Chapman writes, “The Court Reporter prepared a transcript (Doc. 110) of the hearing held before Judge Reade on Mar. 23, 2017, and transmitted a copy of the Eighth Circuit. In accordance with the Court’s procedures (Doc. 111) a copy of the transcript can be purchased now from the Court Reporter, Patrice A. Murray at (319) 286-2338, and a copy will become available to the public on Aug. 14, 2017.”
New filings in the Roberts case.
Appearance & Circuit Rule 26.1 Disclosure Statement (Doc. 3)
Appearance & Circuit Rule 26.1 Disclosure Statement (Doc. 4)
Appearance & Circuit Rule 26.1 Disclosure Statement (Doc. 5)
Appearance & Circuit Rule 26.1 Disclosure Statement (Doc. 6)
Appearance & Circuit Rule 26.1 Disclosure Statement (Doc. 7)
Circuit Rule 3(c) Docketing Statement (Doc. 8)
Seventh Circuit Transcript Information Sheet (Doc. 9)
Appearance & Circuit Rule 26.1 Disclosure Statement (Doc. 10)
Appearance & Circuit Rule 26.1 Disclosure Statement (Doc. 11)
Peter Chapman writes, “The parties to the Roberts appeal pending before the Seventh Circuit delivered a number of administrative papers (Docs. 3 through 11) in the past two weeks as they get ready to get ready to get this appellate proceeding underway.”
New filing in the Piszel case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, “Mr. Piszel delivered his petition for a writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court last week, and the High Court advised the Federal Circuit about the filing. A copy of the notice sent to the Federal Circuit is (linked above), and the High Court’s docket is posted at… “
Affordable Housing Advocates & Small Lenders Join Together is Applauding Dir. Mel ​Watt Commitment to Shoring Up the Reserves at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac​ – Minibox
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to address Senate Banking Committee on GSE reform – HousingWire
It’s time for Congress to get the facts straight on housing finance – The Hill
Short Takes: Refis Hit a Low Not Seen Since 2008 / Let’s Compare Conservatorships… – Inside Mortgage Finance
Reforming Housing Finance – American Action Forum
Politico Report: Two local lawmakers among members of Congress with potential conflicts – Times Free Press
FHFA, Treasury should cooperate on GSE capital buffer, housing groups say – National Mortgage News
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Tuesday May 16th 2017
FHFA: Congress to decide Frannie fate – Seeking Alpha
Trump Official Says Fannie, Freddie Should Let in Private Market – Bloomberg
Fannie-Freddie Won’t Be Freed Without Congress, Regulator Says – Bloomberg
President Trump Should Push the Senate on GSE Reform – Forbes
Monday May 15th 2017
Santelli Exchange: Fmr. FDIC Chairman on housing finance reform – CNBC Video
What Watt’s Banking Committee Testimony Means for GSE Reform – Morning Consult
Watt calls for housing finance reform – RESPA News
Will The FHFA Suspend Fannie & Freddie’s Dividend Payments To Treasury? – Benzinga
Steve Eisman on his long-shot play : “I own Fannie Mae…” via @CNBCFastMoney – Twitter
With video. In the movie The Big Short, Steve Eisman was portrayed by Steve Carell.
Trump Administration Committed to Revamping Fannie and Freddie, Official Says via @fanniegate101 – Twitter
I haven’t found the source of the article, but the headline is listed on this page at
US court of appeals will hear oral arguments for phh v cfpb on 5/24 via @JaredALevine – Twitter
Reckless stock trading leaves Congress rife with conflicts – Politico
GSEs are not mentioned, however Bob Corker is mentioned.
Sunday May 14th 2017
Fannie-Freddie 2017 Policy Outlook – Google Drive
From 5/5.
A lie here, a tall tale there……. – Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog
Saturday May 13th 2017
2nd Annual Credit Risk Transfer Symposium –
Occurs Monday, 5/15. Craig Phillips is speaking at 3:45 PM. Click on the ‘Agenda’ tab.
FHFA Violates Law From Day One of Conservatorship – Blogspot
Friday May 12th 2017
FHFA’s Dir. Watt on The Hill: Of Prudential Regulators & Political Interference – Scribd
By Joshua Rosner of Graham Fisher & Co.
Tim Howard opines on Mel Watt’s hearing – Howard on Mortgage Finance
GSE Man Who Can Stop The NWS Suggests He Will – Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
“Moody’s: Fannie would lose $15.6B of its tax deferred asset…” via @IMFpubs – Twitter
Lawyer with Responsibility for Mortgage Crisis Appointed to Take Care of Mortgage Banks – The Real News Network
RBS in talks with FHFA to settle multibillion-dollar lawsuit over mortgage-backed securities – HousingWire
What We’re Hearing: Mel Watt: Not on My Watch / Sen. Corker’s $10B Experiment with the People’s Money… – Inside Mortgage Finance
What to Do about the GSEs? –
NYU Stern White Paper. I’m not sure on the date of this one.
Bipartisan Group Of Senators Working On Fannie And Freddie Behind The Scenes – Benzinga
Freddie Mac explores credit-risk transfer idea to gain more REIT investors – HousingWire
They’re back: Wells Fargo prepares to issue private-label mortgage bonds – HousingWire
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac revamp on Trump’s agenda – The Australian
This is the WSJ article from yesterday.
Thursday May 11th 2017
Mel Watt speaks before the Senate Banking Committee – C-SPAN
Statement of Melvin L. Watt, Director, FHFA, Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs –
Brown Statement at Housing Finance Hearing –
ICBA Statement on Testimony from FHFA Director Mel Watt –
Civil and Human Rights Coalition Applauds FHFA Director Mel Watt for Calling to Strengthen Fannie, Freddie Finances –
Watt Stands Up for Taxpayers and Stands Up to Bob Corker at Senate Banking Committee Hearing – Investors Unite
FHFA director: Next year, taxpayers will foot any Fannie, Freddie losses – HousingWire
FHFA Chief Hints Strongly About GSEs Building Capital Once Again. Sen. Corker Not Happy… – Inside Mortgage Finance
Fannie-Freddie overhaul is back on the table – The Real Deal
Fannie-Freddie Watchdog Says He Can’t Let Capital Go to Zero – Bloomberg
Fannie and Freddie are nearly out of money and Washington is getting anxious – MarketWatch
Watt Faces Questions from Senate Panel Over Capital Buffer – Morning Consult
Trump Admin: We Intend To Stop Obamacare Looting Scheme – Infowars
Fannie, Freddie may have to keep earnings for stability: regulator – Reuters
FHFA Calls For Big Changes to Fannie/Freddie Conservatorship – Mortgage News Daily
Mel Watt squares off against Elizabeth Warren: ‘Unfair and untrue and unjust’ – Washington Examiner
Berlau Criticizes Government Confiscation of Fannie/Freddie Shareholder Profits –
FHFA on collision course with Congress over Fannie, Freddie – Credit Union Journal
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Trump Administration, Senators Put Fannie, Freddie Overhaul Back in Play – WSJ
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Ackman: Fundamentals Continue To Improve At Fannie And Freddie; Herbalife Deteriorating – ValueWalk
Domestic and International Policy Update –
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is speaking on Thursday, May 18.
Fannie CEO’s Dating Prompts Call to Consider His Firing – Bloomberg
Freddie Mac Has Paid It Back And Fannie Mae Is On Its Way – Seeking Alpha
Wednesday May 10th 2017
Fannie, Freddie regulator says may have to retain earnings – Reuters
The Status of the Housing Finance System After Nine Years of Conservatorship –
Occurs Thursday at 10:00 am EDT
Does Tax Reform Hurt The GSEs? – Seeking Alpha
Amendment Extends FOIA Exemptions to GSEs – The MReport
Why the AIG Ruling Is No Drag for Federal National Mortgage Association & Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp Investors – Invest Correctly
Bonaparte Bob – Rocky Top Politics
Former Fannie Mae, MI Official Adolfo Marzol Named Senior Advisor to HUD Secretary – Inside Mortgage Finance
Fannie Mae announces latest non-performing loans sale – HousingWire
Warren Pushes Trump Administration on Plan to Break Up Megabanks – Bloomberg
Tuesday May 9th 2017
Cash Flow Capture: How To Get Something For Nothing – Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
Fannie And Freddie: The Net Worth Sweep And FHFA’s Next Big Problem With Delaware Law – Seeking Alpha
Fed’s Rosengren warns that Fannie, Freddie reform could roil commercial real-estate market – MarketWatch
Fed official warns Fannie-Freddie reforms could cause shocks – Reuters
Fed’s Rosengren warns on GSE reform – Seeking Alpha
Appeals Court’s AIG Decision Sets Government Up For Big Win in Fannie and Freddie Cases – Breitbart
Monday May 8th 2017
Trump Positioned for Big Win on Fannie and Freddie – Infowars
This and That! – Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog
Fannie-Freddie Look to Provide Financing for Manufactured Homes – Bloomberg
Fannie Mae Posts ‘Solid’ Q1, Should Continue To Be Profitable – Benzinga
Bill Ackman Comments on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Guru Focus
Fannie, Freddie release official strategy to serve underserved markets – HousingWire
Former Ginnie Mae president says Fannie and Freddie reform takes “real work” – HousingWire
GSEs Keep Pushing to Expand the Credit Box. But are they Satisfied? Is the FHFA? – Inside Mortgage Finance
Treasury: Mnuchin never claimed Fannie, Freddie profits specifically funded Obamacare – HousingWire
Short Takes: KBW Questions the Value of CRTs for Fannie and Freddie / A Price Target of $1 a Share… – Inside Mortgage Finance
Moody’s: Trump Tax Reform a Credit Negative for Fannie and Freddie – Inside Mortgage Finance
Saturday May 6th 2017
Tim Howard comments on Blackrock’s Housing Finance Reform white paper – Howard on Mortgage Finance
Fannie Mae: What Does Steven Mnuchin’s Comments Mean For FNMA Stock & FMCC Stock? – BNL Finance
Firm blasts hedge-fund plan to privatize Fannie and Freddie – NY Post
Fixing Fannie and Freddie won’t be any easier for the Trump team – Washington Examiner
Friday May 5th 2017
Fannie Mae Reports Net Income of $2.8 Billion and Comprehensive Income of $2.8 Billion for First Quarter 2017 –
Interest rates slightly dent Fannie Mae’s first quarter profits – HousingWire
Fannie Mae to pay Treasury another $2.8B – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae reports Q1 results – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae reports $2.8 billion quarterly profit as capital buffers dry up – MarketWatch
Fannie Mae Will Pay $2.8 Billion to U.S. Treasury After Profit – Bloomberg
GSE profits could put reform on back burner – Scotsman Guide
BlackRock Says Don’t Recap and Release Fannie and Freddie – Bloomberg
Addressing the Housing Finance Conundrum –
Blackrock’s White Paper on Housing Finance Reform
In a series of tweets, @JoshRosner provides a response to Joe Light’s Bloomberg article – Twitter
GF&Co: Initial Comment’s on BlackRock’s Housing Finance Reforms paper – Scribd
First principle of @blackrock plan… via @JoshRosner – Twitter
CHOICE Act 2.0 Could Spell Trouble for the FHFA and Director Mel Watt – Inside Mortgage Finance
Trump tax cuts could force GSEs to borrow from Treasury – American Banker
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Fed shedding MBS will not hurt Fannie, Freddie -Williams – Reuters
Thursday May 4th 2017
The Status of the Housing Finance System After Nine Years of Conservatorship –
A hearing on 5/11 with Mel Watt speaking.
Mortgage Bankers Stress ‘Transition’ to a Post-GSE-Conservatorship World – Inside Mortgage Finance
They’re Back! Fannie and Freddie Ride Again –
Investors Unite: MBA’s GSE Reform Proposal Is Too Complex –
Freddie Mac posts solid Q1 profit – Scotsman Guide
Fannie and Freddie; News in Primary and Secondary Markets – Mortgage News Daily
Wednesday May 3rd 2017
New filings in the Pagliara v. Fannie Mae case.
Cover Letter (Doc. 76)
Additional Documents #1 (Doc. 77)
Additional Documents #2 (Doc. 78)
Bylaws of Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (Doc. 79)
Additional Documents #3 (Doc. 80)
Additional Documents #4 (Doc. 81)
Court of Chancery Judicial Action Form (Doc. 82)
Peter Chapman writes, “C. Barr Flinn, representing Mr. Pagliara, sent Vice Chancellor Montgomery-Reeves some additional reading material (Docs. 76-81) Monday in connection with his attempt to access Fannie Mae’s books and records. Vice Chancellor Montgomery-Reeves held a hearing Tuesday morning on Fannie Mae and FHFA’s motion to dismiss Mr. Pagliara’s complaint, and took the matter under advisement (Doc. 82).”
050217 — Full Committee Markup of H.R. 10 (EventID=105936) Part II – Youtube
Things got heated last night during discussion of the Financial Choice Act. While the bill does not deal directly with the GSEs, there was a lot of discussion about them. A sample is linked below.
Rep Mike Capuano discusses GSE shareholders via @ethan2369 – Twitter
Rep. Gwen Moore discusses the source of the housing crisis via @DoNotLose – Twitter
General discussion via @ValuInvstrToday – Twitter
Steven Mnuchin: Not responsible to leave Fannie, Freddie as is – Fox Business Video
GSE Arrow Points Down – Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog
Reform of Freddie & Fannie: Trouble Ahead – Investopedia
Senate Panel to Revive Mortgage-Overhaul Efforts with First Hearing Next Week – WSJ
Subscription required for access.
Fannie, Freddie regulator to testify as GOP eyes reform – Washington Examiner
Freddie Mac announces settlement of Seasoned Credit Risk Transfer offering – HousingWire
MBA’s Stevens: ‘Recap And Release’ Of GSEs Would Be A Big Mistake –
MSM Is Terrified Of Infowars And Our Sources – Youtube
Treasury Department Shoots Down Fannie and Freddie Obamacare Conspiracy Theory – Breitbart
Tuesday May 2nd 2017
Freddie Mac Reports Net Income and Comprehensive Income of $2.2 Billion for First Quarter 2017 –
Freddie Mac first quarter profit withstands impact of rising interest rates – HousingWire
Freddie Mac 2017 Q1 – Results – Earnings Call Slides – Seeking Alpha
Freddie Mac’s (FMCC) CEO Don Layton on Q1 2017 Results – Earnings Call Transcript – Seeking Alpha
Time to privatize Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac? – Fox Business Video via Youtube
Freddie Mac CEO: 0% capital buffer does not factor into daily operations – HousingWire
The Government Has Been Paid Back. Period. – Investors Unite
Fannie, Freddie Profit Payments Should Continue, Treasury Says – Bloomberg
Big Fed Dilemma Regarding Fannie And Freddie – Seeking Alpha
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Confirms Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Profits Used To Fund ObamaCare – High Society Capital
Steve Mnuchin Wants To Reform Fannie And Freddie, But It Might Not Happen Before 2019 – Benzinga
Fannie Mae Prices $1.371 Billion Connecticut Avenue Securities Risk Sharing Deal – Benzinga
House Financial Services Chair Jeb Hensarling briefly talks about the GSEs around the 8 minute mark – C-SPAN
Government Loans Up for 27th Month – DS News
Monday May 1st 2017
Mnuchin on border tax: In current form it doesn’t work – Fox Business Video
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin confirms the GSEs were used to fund the ACA, starts at 3:55.
Mnuchin on Fannie And Freddie Funds Used to Pay for ObamaCare: It’s True – Fox Business
Mnuchin Confirms GSE Sweep May Have Funded Obamacare – Investors Unite
Mnuchin: ‘I’m Committed to Housing Reform’ – DS News
Treasury Secretary Confirms Reporting On Obamacare Looting Scheme – Infowars
Tim Howard discusses the different definitions of ‘privatization’ – Howard on Mortgage Finance
The Confused Status of the Plaintiff Class Claims in Perry Capital v. Mnuchin – Forbes
By Richard Epstein
Can We Avoid A GSE Bailout? – Mortgageorb
This is a well written article. I highly recommend it.
Mel Watt’s letter to housing groups via @RobTVDC – Twitter
Consensus from MBA Secondary: The time for GSE reform is now – HousingWire
At Secondary Conference, MBA Chief Calls GSE Recap & Release ‘Crazy’ – Inside Mortgage Finance
MBA Pres: ‘Recap And Release’ No Solution For GSEs –
Subscription required for access.
Mnuchin pushes for housing finance reform within next year – American Banker
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Housing reform becomes urgent as GSEs’ capital buffer nears zero – National Mortgage News
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U.S. GSE reform transition may take more than five years -FHFA official – Reuters
Fannie Portfolio See Monthly Jump – DS News
John Paulson’s Fall From Hedge Fund Stardom – NY Times
Fannie Mae Announces Scheduled Release of First Quarter 2017 Financial Results – PR Newswire
“Fannie Mae today announced plans to report its first quarter 2017 financial results on Friday morning, May 5, 2017, before the opening of U.S. financial markets.”
The lobbyist hit list –
There is a section on GSE Reform.
Credit risk transfer market looks to expand as more investors join – HousingWire
MBA Secondary panel: Yes, GSE reform can really work this time around – HousingWire