May 2015

Sunday May 31st 2015
Fannie Mae Monthly Summary for April –
Guest column: State lawmakers given stern warning on HOAs – VegasInc
Shadow banks grab record US loans share –
Google link
Saturday May 30th 2015
GSE Litigation Summary –
List of things I look forward to as a $FNMA shareholder –
Friday May 29th 2015
Confirmation Received: GSE Exec Discussed DTA Reversal With Treasury Pre- Sweep/ Ugolettis Worst Nightmare? – timhoward717
New Shareholder Lawsuit: The Government’s Actions Are Illegal – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk – with comments
Why is Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me Stuck on the OTCBB Despite Profitable Moves? – Journal Transcript
Thursday May 28th 2015
Legislation, Not FHFA’s Administrative Actions, Should Drive Housing Policy, Analyst Says – DS News
Mortgage Portfolio Expands for Seventh Time in Last Eight Months for Freddie Mac – DS News
REIT Outlook: Fannie Mae Securities Close at 104 1/32 – Market Realist
Wednesday May 27th 2015
Will Servicers Rally with GSE Reform? – Sims on Finance
RBS Seen Facing Up to $4.5 Billion to Close Mortgage Suit – Bloomberg
RBS mortgage settlement with FHFA could reach $4.5B – Housing Wire
The FHFA OIG, press releases – Fannie Mae Shareholders Blogspot
Looking Forward to Fannie and Freddie Appeal – Seeking Alpha
The Wrath of Hank: Ex-AIG CEO Greenberg Won’t Give Up at Age 90 – Bloomberg
Tuesday May 26th 2015
Caution: GSE reform could have serious unintended consequences – Housing Wire
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Reform To Be Center Of Shelby Bill Fight: Bove – Valuewalk
The WSJ and Barron’s Apologists for the Banksters Peddle Wallison’s Fables – The Real News
1Q15 GSE Business Volume Up Strongly in Nearly All States – Inside Mortgage Finance
What Happens to the Mortgage Market When the Fed Pulls out of MBS? – iHub via Inside Mortgage Finance
01/02/2015 – CBO Proposal to Eliminate Fannie and Freddie is Dangerous to US Economy – Pro-prosperity
06/10/2010 – The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reform proposal from Goldman Sachs – Bronte Capital Blogspot
Monday May 25th 2015
Memorial Day, 2015 – Bill Maloni Blog
Access Washington – The Truth About FnF
The 5 Most Controversial Trades Of 2015 From Ackman To Gross And Gundlach – Forbes
@carney might see, but won’t admit, he’s an access journalist –
Richard Epstein Lamberth Notes #FANNIEGATE $FNMA 09/30/2014 –
Sunday May 24th 2015
Fannie Mae TBAs Ignore the Turmoil in the Bond Market – Yahoo
Archives Dec 2009: Goldman Sachs Made Tens of Billions of Dollars – The Truth About FnF
Treasury Completes Auction to Sell Warrant Positions –
Not warrants for the GSEs, but for other companies.
Saturday May 23rd 2015
Ginnie Mae TBAs Rally in the Face of a Bond Market Sell-Off – Yahoo
11/23/2010 – Joe Nocera on “All the Devils Are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis” –
“they (Fannie and Freddie) did a lot of dumb things, but the truth is, they did not lead the charge into subprime, they followed into subprime. And it’s basically a convenient excuse to blame it all on Fannie and Freddie.”
@JimCramer tweet from 04/02/2013 about FNMA Preferred
September 12, 2012 Tim Massad is confident that, with the housing turnaround, these two companies will also soon recover –
Friday May 22nd 2015
NCRC Statement on Shelby Regulatory Relief Bill Committee Vote –
“The next step is promoting greater transparency in lending and increasing capital reserves for Fannie and Freddie.”
OTC Markets Group Welcomes Newly Verified OTCQB Companies –
Were Bank Settlements Really Payments of Extortion to the Department of Justice?? –
End Fannie and Freddie’s Free Ride on Government Credit – National Mortgage News
Jeb Bush: Current housing and debt situation unsustainable – Housing Wire
Senator Toomey Speaks Out Against the Sweep – Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk
Alex Pollock might be smart –
Sparring Over Shelby’s Reg Reform Bill: Weekly Wrap – American Banker
Thursday May 21st 2015
Stegmans move confirmed by Treasury/ Mario Ugoletti second suspect , to be deposed –
FHFA Requests Input on House Price Index Measure for Conforming Loan Limits for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac –
What to Watch For at Senate Banking’s Reg Reform Vote – American Banker
Moderate Dems to oppose Shelby’s finance bill – The Hill
@RobTVDC Tweet about Toomey’s amendment
Sen. Toomey did not include this amendment in the final version of the bill.
@_InvestorsUnite tweets about Sen. Toomey Tweet #1Tweet #2Tweet #3
Corker Statement on the Financial Regulatory Improvement Act of 2015 –
Shelby Opening Statement on “The Financial Regulatory Improvement Act Of 2015”
Trending Thursday: Housing, mortgage finance getting a break from Washington? – Housing Wire
Senate banking committee passes massive regulatory relief bill – Housing Wire
Senate Banking Committee Adopts Financial-Regulation Bill in Party-Line Vote – WSJ
Senate Financial Reform Bill Anything But a Partisan Effort – The Daily Signal
IMF news via timhoward717
@JonAPrior reports late changes to Sen. Shelby’s GSE risk sharing increases Tweet #1Tweet #2Tweet #3
May 2015 Economic & Housing Outlook – Youtube
Fannie Mae raises forecast for 2015 mortgages – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae ups estimate of mortgage originations – MarketWatch
Fannie Mae predicts strong spring homebuying season – Housing Wire
New federal rules target servicers –
Hank Greenberg’s AIG Case Might Not Be Open And Shut – Forbes
Wednesday May 20th 2015
Dick’s playing with fire, trying to relieve bank oversight and give away GSEs – Bill Maloni Blog
A special Wednesday edition.
Times journalist hits White House for growing secrecy in Fannie Mae case –
“For the government’s part, it has said these documents, which date as far back as 2008, must be kept under wraps because they may roil the markets,” she (Morgenson) added. “That is completely absurd.”
Journalist Gretchen Morgenson’s remarks at the 2015 SPJ Page One Awards –
Pat Toomey Amendment to Shelby Bill to Stop Sweep – Google Groups
2015 Annual Report Financial Stability Oversight Council –
Federal Housing Finance Agency Office of Inspector General – Housing Wire
Johnson-Crapo’s Reemergence Ruins Reg Relief Bill –
White House Taps Treasury Official to Coordinate Housing Policy – WSJ
timhoward717 wrote about this on Sunday.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH OBAMA, SENATE, FHFA, and Treasury wanting GUILTY BANKS to take FANNIE MAE from Stock Holders and Taxpayers? – Fannie Mae Shareholders Blogspot
Financial Reform Bill Would Reopen Door to Predatory Lending- American Banker
Interesting tweet from @westernmassvote on Mark Zandi’s conflict of interest. Tweet #1Tweet #2
Paving the Way on Housing Finance – Milken Institute
Surprise, surprise, Ed DeMarco likes Sen. Shelby’s proposed legislation for the GSEs.
FHFA IG Worries About Nonbank Risk (Again), Cyber Attacks, More – iHub via IMFPubs
July 1996 – Privatization Of Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac: Desirability And Feasibility –
Tuesday May 19th 2015
Government Quickly Confirms Our Milken Tip: Depositions Have Begun In Fairholme Lawsuit! – timhoward717
Housing Finance At A Glance: A Monthly Chartbook –
A lot of good data in there.
Fannie and Freddie Didn’t Do It! – Huffinton Post
Shelby’s Bill Is the Right Way Forward on Financial Reform – American Banker
Former FDIC Chair Bill Isaac likes Sen. Shelby’s bill, except…the GSE provisions!
Passive Investors and Dominant Bankers – Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs TRAIL of Fannie mae action – Fannie Mae Shareholders Blogspot
Housing starts surge 20% in April – MarketWatch
GSE Update – FHFA Provides Volume Cap Relief –
Be sure to click to download the full overview.
Fitch: Fannie Mae risk-transfer deal more advantageous for mezzanine investors – Housing Wire
FHFA, Fannie, Freddie say single securitization still years away – Housing Wire
crownjewels on the latest SBC rumors – Google Groups
Also check the @JonAPrior tweet in the Google Group discussion.
Proposes Targeted Regulatory Relief for Community Banks and Credit Unions, While Bolstering Consumer Protections –
‘Stealth’ GSE Reform: Two Major Changes in Shelby’s Reg Relief Bill – American Banker
Get the FHA out of the home financing business – Washington Times
“The wild child that caused all the trouble was the “unbridled” financial industry. Luckily, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), were somehow able to save the housing industry.”
That quote is a little bit out of context.
04/17/2015 – Costs Soar as Common MBS Effort Founders –
01/24/2012 – Fannie and Freddie don’t deserve blame for bubble – Washington Post
by Mark Zandi. The same author who railed against privatizing the GSEs in yesterday’s Urban Institute piece.
Monday May 18th 2015
Bill Ackman Q1 Conference call With Investors – Valuewalk
GSE questions start at 44:24.
01:01:42 – Question: “Does Bill Ackman believe the Common Securitization Platform developed for Fannie and Freddie is the best (inaudible) for the companies, could be used as a means to replace them?”
Bill Ackman: “I think it’s a good idea, because to have Fannie and Freddie, their securities trade at slightly different spreads because of liquidity having a common platform making them more liquid, reduce the cost of housing finance. It does not however replace, make it easier to replace them because you still need a guarantor to guarantee these securities that’s acceptable to the marketplace.”
01:05:58 – Question: “What are you handicapping the odds of success in courts? If in fact the court decision is favorable, what upside in the security would you expect?”
Bill Ackman: “We think it is likely that we will win the in the Court of Claims or in appeals of the Court of Claims decision, much more likely than not, and in that case we expect very significant upside to Fannie and Freddie.”
What’s Up With Dick? – Bill Maloni Blog
Privatizing Fannie and Freddie: Be Careful What You Ask For –
Privatized GSEs could cause spike in mortgage rates – Seeking Alpha
Privatized Fannie, Freddie would lead to mortgage-rate spike, experts say – MarketWatch
billmaloni comments on the inner workings on the GSEs – timhoward717
Shelby Banking Bill Hits A Wall: Credit Suisse – Valuewalk
Is Shelby’s Reg Relief Proposal a Gift to Big Banks? – American Banker
The Mortgage Collaborative announces partnership with Fannie Mae – Housing Wire
Fannie Mae: Is the Butler Gonna Claim Privilege Next? – Valuewalk
Prepared Remarks of David H. Stevens at MBA’s National Secondary Market Conference and Expo – Real Estate Rama
Trevor Thompson comments on David H. Stevens Remarks – timhoward717
Singling Out Fannie and Freddie – WSJ
@JodyShenn Tweet – Is tight mortgage credit a problem?
Tracking David Abrams’ Abrams Capital Management Portfolio – Q1 2015 Update – Seeking Alpha
“The firm is also known to have large positions in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.”
Judge Cote Strikes Again – WSJ
Sunday May 17th 2015
Milken source: Demarco Deposed/Dr. Doom Mike Stegman on the move pushing CSP as “Final Solution” –
Fannie Mae Markets First Block of Nonperforming Mortgages – Structured Finance News (Video)
Commentary: New banking rules could mark the end for credit unions – Palm Beach Post
Defective Mortgage Loans Cost Nomura and RBS US$806 million – Uncover California
“Fannie Mae will receive US$26.6 million while Freddie Mac will be paid US$779.4 million by the two firms.”
Saturday May 16th 2015
Will anyone ever defend banks?! – CNBC
$FNMA #FANNIEGATE apparently heating up according to –
Two major banks ordered to pay Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac $806 million – Business Insider
Breaking Laws in the Mortgage Bubble – NY Times
04/22/2014 – 3 Potential Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Multibaggers – Motley Fool
Conclusions Of The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission –
Friday May 15th 2015
Senate deregulation package would set stage for end of Fannie, Freddie – Washington Examiner
Federal plan to revamp mortgage market inches forward – MarketWatch
U.S. housing regulator moves closer to allowing single security – Reuters
Fannie, Freddie single mortgage-backed security takes shape in new FHFA update – Housing Wire
What to expect at MBA’s Secondary Market Conference – Housing Wire
timhoward717 comments on court dispositions –
EVB parent repurchases stock warrant from U.S. –
Not GSE related, but the GSEs could do something similar with their warrants.
FHFA Issues Update on the Single Security –
An Update on the Structure of the Single Security –
BofA Leads U.S. Banks With Insatiable Demand for Mortgage Bonds – Bloomberg
Nomura, RBS Face $806 Million Demand by U.S. Housing Agency – Bloomberg
Thursday May 14th 2015
This is an interesting tool. You can check if your mortgage is held by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. I was surprised to see mine was held by Freddie Mac.
Fannie Mae Loan Lookup Tool
Freddie Mac Loan Look-Up Tool
What Peter Schiff Said To Ben Bernanke – Zerohedge
Ben Bernake still blaming the GSEs for the financial crisis.
Has Sen. Shelby Gone Corker by Joshua Rosner – Scribd
Wednesday May 13th 2015
Bryndon Fisher writes a letter regarding the GSEs – Google Groups
Proposed banking overhaul sets up high-stakes battle – The Hill
Hawk_eye comments on the short positions – timhoward717
Fannie Mae SEC Filings –
Company filings are listed on the NYSE page, but I don’t believe this indicates an imminent uplisting.
Plaintiffs’ Public, Redacted Motion To Remove The “Protected Information” Designation From Defendant’s March 20 Privilege Log – timhoward717
How the Senate Banking Fight Over Reg Relief Will Play Out – American Banker
White House says opposes Shelby bill to amend Dodd-Frank bank reform – Reuters
10 Items Affecting The Valuation Of Prominent Companies – Seeking Alpha
Shelby’s Bill Would Alter the Common Securitization Platform – iHub via IMFPubs
White House on Shelby banking plan: ‘We should be worried’ – The Hill
Tuesday May 12th 2015
Court says Nomura, RBS misled investors – Seeking Alpha
Judge’s Ruling Against 2 Banks Finds Misconduct in ’08 Crash – NY Times
Nomura, RBS face $805 million damages after U.S. ruling: lawyer – Business Insider
Goldman Sachs ordered to pay $80 mln plus interest in 2006 case – Reuters
So Goldman Sachs defrauded investors worldwide and not just here in the U.S. Good to know.
Here’s What’s in the Shelby Bill – WSJ
Shelby Misses Mark As Fed “Dodges Bullets” – Valuewalk
These 3 Stocks Could Kill Your Portfolio – Motley Fool
This is basically the same article from MF on 04/24/15
Shelby bill douses hopes for Fannie, Freddie investors – MarketWatch
Shelby’s Banking Proposal Would Also Determine Future Of Fannie Mae – Valuewalk
Purchase Market Starts to Rev Up in April, but Refis Still Key – timhoward717 via IMFPubs
Seamans Capital Management Top 10 13F Positions in Q1 2015 – Octa Finance
FNMA is the their top holding.
Monday May 11th 2015
Hijinkas Thicken but GSE Plot Remains the Same – Bill Maloni Blog
The End of Fannie and Freddie – Morningstar
US judge rules for FHFA over Nomura in mortgage bond lawsuit – Yahoo
Nomura found liable for selling toxic mortgages to Fannie, Freddie – Housing Wire
U.S. housing regulator wins bad-mortgage suit – MarketWatch
Nomura Found Liable For Selling Toxic Mortgage-Backed Securities to GSEs – The M Report
‘Enormous’ Nomura, RBS Deception Case Seen Spurring Deals – Bloomberg
Official opinion, FHFA vs Nomura from the court (pdf) –
FHFA’s response to the verdict –
FHFA’s Update on Private Label Securities Actions 2013 and 2014 Settlements and Remaining Cases –
Total settlements to date, with 1 remaining.
The Prediction: the Motion to Dismiss, DENIED – TH717.Wordpress
Many people have argued that Fannie and Freddie caused the financial crisis, but a court just ruled against RBC and Nomura for selling them fraudulent loans – Reddit Thread
Ok, which one of you are Reddit user ‘hedgefundaspirations’? That person did a good job of recapping the case for the GSEs.
Key Details Emerge on Shelby’s Reg Relief Bill – American Banker
Nothing we didn’t already know.
Lawmakers look to stop multi-million salary for CEO of government mortgage giant – The Blaze
Sunday May 10th 2015
Wells Fargo: No. 4 in assets, No. 1 in lobbying – WBTV
“Wells Fargo, the nation’s biggest home lender, has also lobbied for legislation that would phase out mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.”
Proof the TBTF banks are lobbying to eliminate the GSEs.
Taxpayers Have Now Made A $22 Billion Profit From Fannie Mae Bailout – Yahoo
Same article from yesterday, with comments.
Matt Hill Poses Questions on Twitter @hill_matt – The Truth About Fnf
Hank Paulson: July 13, 2008 – The Truth About Fnf
Paulson’s announcement on Fannie, Freddie: September 7, 2008 – The Truth About Fnf
Lockhart’s statement on Fannie, Freddie: September 7, 2008 – The Truth About Fnf
Fannie, Freddie participation in foreclosure prevention programs extended – Yahoo
Is a Bailout Expected from Fannie Mae and Freddie … – Originator Times
Mr. Buffett’s Pregnant Silence (or How the Executive Branch is Helping Him Steal Fannie Mae from Retail Investors who Can’t Fight Back) – Medium
Saturday May 9th 2015
@RepMurphyFL was on the Bloomberg Radio show ‘A Closer Look with Arthur Levitt’ (@ArthurLevitt) 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm today and talked about the GSEs. His remarks are transcribed below, which occured around the 23 minute mark of the show.
“You take Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Chairman’s (Hensarling) legislation called the Path Act dismantles Fannie and Freddie entirely. I believe we need to, we can improve Fannie and Freddie, that we can have more private sector involvement but ultimately I think the federal government needs to be involved and have that backstop to ensure that housing is affordable for all Americans. That’s something that is key to me, back to the middle class there, is making sure folks can afford a home, that they can build that equity, have something tangible to invest in.”
Thanks @DoNotLose and @pgray41 for the alert!
Bloomberg Radio is channel 119 on SiriusXM and the show may still be available on demand.
Treasury Official Philip Swagel in 2009: Paulson coerced GSE’s into Conservatorship – The Truth About FnF
Taxpayers Have Now Made A $22 Billion Profit From Fannie Mae Bailout – Bezinga
Defendant’s Unopposed Motion For An Enlargement Of Time To Respond To Plaintiff’s Motion To Remove The “Protected Infromation” Designation From Defendant’s March 20, 2015 Provisional Privilege Log – iHub
Is a Bailout Expected from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ? –
Friday May 8th 2015
DOJ response to Sen. Grassley –
Lack of Transparency Over Administration Decisions on Fannie, Freddie Earnings –
Are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Headed for a New $157 Billion Bailout? – Motley Fool
Senate Bank Chair weighs sweeping GSE, mortgage lending overhaul – Housing Wire
‘billmaloni’ comments on the above article –
Sen. Corker’s amendment to Prevent the Sale of Senior Preferred Stock of the GSEs –
Corker wants more control.
Democrats threaten to oppose Sen. Shelby’s financial services bill – The Hill
Democrats Threaten to Oppose Bank Regulatory Relief  – WSJ
And the Democrats threaten to withhold their vote.
@Zachary tweet about delays  on “The Financial Regulatory Improvement Act of 2015”
And now Sen. Shelby delays the bill. It’s like a chess match with all the moves and countermoves.
Housing Regulator Extends Mortgage Modification Programs Through 2016 – WSJ
Rep. Royce Introduces Legislation to Cap GSE Executive Pay – National Mortgage Professional
Fannie Mae Overseer to Start Push on Making Refinancing Easier – Bloomberg
Many @JonAPrior GSE related tweets today
Tweet 1Tweet 2Tweet 3Tweet 4Tweet 5Tweet 6
Bloomberg analysis of GSE payments – timhoward717 (pdf)
Thursday May 7th 2015
Fannie Mae reports net income of $1.9B in 1Q – Housing Wire
GSEs Continue Financial Winning Streak – Mortgage News Daily
Fannie Mae beats on revenue – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae to Pay U.S. $1.8 Billion After First-Quarter Profit – Bloomberg
Fannie Mae posts $1.9B profit in 1Q; paying $1.8B to gov’t – Yahoo
Exclusive–Carly Fiorina: ‘We Have To Start Undoing Some Things’ to Improve the Economy – Breitbart
Carly Fiorina is no fan of the GSEs.
Rising Rates Will Buoy GSEs And Related Stocks – Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
Fannie-Freddie Apartment Loan Limits Eased as Lending Soars – Bloomberg
FHFA eases limits on GSE multifamily lending – Housing Wire
Got $157.3 billion? Mortgage Bailouts Might Not Be Over – Redfin
Moody’s Zandi Gets it Partly Right – Investors Unite
Will someone please put Fannie and Freddie out of their misery? – Reuters
Is a $1.8 Billion Dividend Payment by Fannie Mae to the Treasury Really Enough? – 24/7 Wall St
Fannie Mae Profit Drops on Derivative Loss, Lower Credit Income – WSJ
Profits Down for Fannie, Freddie as They Face Uncertain Future – WSJ
Fannie Mae’s Dose of Reality – WSJ
3 WSJ articles about Fannie’s 1Q earnings and all take a negative tone. Their biased reporting is repulsive.
Why We Need the Government to Stay Put in the Housing Market – American Banker
“But housing affects too many Americans to simply cast out government involvement, especially where the government-sponsored entities… are concerned.”
“There is no reasonable argument for lower levels of government participation in the housing industry. It is the backstop of government support that helps to keep the American dream alive”
Jon Prior tweets about Freddie and Fannie management in an upcoming SIFI Bill.
Wednesday May 6th 2015
“The intent of Treasury is not to exercise the warrants that provide 79.9% ownership.The purpose of the warrants was to drive the stock price down to next to nothing.” (You will never believe who uncovered this gem!) –
US Treasury INTENTION SPSA, FHFA for Fannie Mae = BOMBSHELL – Fannie Mae Sharehold Blogspot
Link to the FASAB meeting minutes (pdf)
“…the warrants were issued not to take ownership but rather to devalue the common stock.”
and a bunch of other goodies.
Two must-see videos on government takeover of Fan and Fred – The Truth About FnF
Fairholme Fund Increases Stakes During 1Q2015 – Guru Focus
“The firm increased its stake in FMCKJ by 22.3%, purchasing 8,760,000 new shares during 1Q2015…”
Government Using Subprime Mortgages To Pump Housing Recovery – Taxpayers Will Pay Again
– The Burning Platform

“Edward J. Pinto, a former Fannie Mae official, estimates that under standard accounting practices the agency is already insolvent to the tune of $25 billion”
Ha, I’d like to see that math.
Could Fannie & Freddie Have Paid the Taxpayers Back? – Real Clear Markets
Fannie-Freddie Regulator Said to Plan Easing Some Limits – Bloomberg
FHFA Planning To Lift Multifamily Loan Limits On Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac – Valuewalk
Bloomberg: FHFA set to ease apartment loan limits for GSEs – Seeking Alpha
Digesting Freddie Mac’s Quarterly Results – Seeking Alpha by David Sims
Investors Absolutely Don’t Deserve Fannie Payday: Narula – Bloomberg Video
Treasury Memo Outlines Housing Market Worries for Home Buyers and Taxpayers – Inside Sources
Taking A Closer Look At The Mortgage Market – Guru Focus
“To level the field, it is better that the GSE work with a stronger capital amount and they should retain a large enough earnings total so that they can absorb as well as better deal with losses incurred by them.”
Sounds like a call to recap to me.
Tweet from @ckc12_rb showing the briefing order in appeal from Judge Lamberth’s decision in Perry Capital
Tuesday May 5th 2015
2011 Goldstein Memo proves True Motive For 2012 Sweep: Big Profits Were Coming. Edit 5/5 4:58 pm(DOJ response) –
Freddie Mac to hand $746 million to U.S. Treasury – Yahoo
Freddie Mac to hand $746 mln to U.S. Treasury – Reuters
Interesting inside info from Google user crownjewels – Google Groups
Scroll down to crownjewels comment.
More inside info from [email protected] –
Despite efforts to loosen, credit scores rise for federally-backed mortgages – MarketWatch
Freddie Mac CEO: Ready for legislative solution – Housing Wire
Regulator Considers Raising Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac CEO Pay – WSJ
Raises for Fannie, Freddie CEOs Draw Attacks From White House – Bloomberg
$600,000 not enough for Fannie, Freddie CEOs? – Politico
Sen. Chuck Grassley’s News Release website
If the DOJ ever responds, it will be posted here.
Corker Criticizes Reconsideration Of Pay Cap For Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac CEOs – Chattanoogan
Warner on Executive Pay at Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae – Real Estate Rama
Corker and Warner both weigh in!
Why Do Investors Hate Russia, Give U.S. A Pass? – Barrons
Monday May 4th 2015
Bill Ackman Would Think ‘Very Hard’ Before Next Short Bet – Valuewalk
@LCLAA tweet in support of the GSEs
Lots of F&F Bull S— Flying Around, Thanks to the Government – Bill Maloni Blog
Freddie Mac to Announce Q1 Financial Results Tuesday, May 5 – DS News
@JoeLight tweet about DOJ response to leaked Treasury memo.
FHFA’s Conservatorship of GSEs Has No Clear End, Ratings Company Says – The M Report
Republicans In Congress Take Aim At The National Housing Trust Fund – Think Progress
Bill Ackman Presentation At Ira Sohn Investment Conference – Valuewalk
@RuthMantell tweeted a few GSE related tweets today. Tweet 1Tweet 2Tweet 3.
Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me : Fannie’s Business Pops to 17-Month High –
Saturday May 2nd 2015
Fannie And Freddie: Stress Test Results Confirm Need For 4% Capital Levels – Seeking Alpha by David Sims
Friday May 1st 2015
Valuewalk tweet – More Treasury memos may be coming out
Treasury document helps Fannie, Freddie suits: analyst – MarketWatch
Fannie And Freddie: A New Leaked Treasury Memo Surfaces – Seeking Alpha by David Sims
DFAST Stress Test Shows Improving Financial Performance By FMCC And FNMA – Seeking Alpha by Wayne Olson
Leaked Treasury Memo On Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Shows Fraud Says Pagliara – Valuewalk