March 2015

Tuesday March 31st 2015
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac MSR Portfolio with $10 Billion in UPB Up for Sale – DS News
Access denied: Reporters say federal officials, data increasingly off limits – Washington Post
Mel Watt, stuck in the middle with Fannie & Freddie – timhoward717 via American Banker
To Protect Taxpayers, Congress Must Bring Fannie & Freddie’s Story to a Close – Financial Services Roundtable
“We believe protecting American consumers means winding down Fannie and Freddie, and moving our country to a new housing finance system…”
Insiders’ Game – How Markets are Manipulated
Selected writings by David Fiderer
Insiders’ Game – Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac
All about the GSEs.
Former FDIC Chairman William Isaac to Present New Paper on Investors Unite Teleconference on Wednesday, April 1 at 2:00 p.m. EST – Investors Unite Blog
Former FDIC chair unleashes sharp critique of Fannie, Freddie treatment – Housing Wire
Trey Garrison on top of all things GSE.
Tell Your Representatives to Support HR 1673 – Voter Voice
Fannie and Freddie May Need More Bailouts – timhoward717 via WSJ
NealSNewmans gives an accout of today in court – timhoward717
Great stuff there. Thanks Neal!
FHFA’s Watt Charts Tricky Middle Path Through Housing Market in Limbo – Google Groups via American Banker
Ex-Fannie Mae CEO testifies in $1 billion mortgage trial of Nomura, RBS – Reuters
Barney Frank drops a bombshell: How a shocking anecdote explains the financial crisis – Salon
Court filing added in the Fairholme case. See ‘Court Filing’ section.
02/21/2001 – The Use and Abuse of Executive Orders and Other Presidential Directives –
Monday March 30th 2015
GSE Updates and “Go for it, Judge Sweeney” – Bill Maloni Blog
GSE reform could happen sooner than expected – MPG Mag
Mario Ugoletti: Do Not Leave the Country and Seek Personal Legal Counsel ASAP/ Perjury charges? –
Newer GSE Loans Account for Biggest Share of Unresolved Buyback Claims – iHub via Inside Mortgage Finance
FHFA Likely To Leave G-Fees Unchanged. As for LLPAs? – iHub via Inside Mortgage Finance
Say what you want about @CGasparino, but he asked for twitter input on his next GSE segment. It looks like he booked or is trying to book @MarkCalabria in this tweet.
Ben Bernanke has a new blog. Hopefully he writes about GSE issues.
Blogatative Easing: Ben Bernanke, Brookings blogger – Housing Wire
Trey Garrison weighs in on Ben Bernanke’s blog.
Sunday March 29th 2015
Collapse of housing, banking markets set for reprise? –
05/14/2014 – Congress Is Stealing Fannie and Freddie – Real Clear Markets
11/13/2013 – Berkowitz Seeks to Acquire Insurers From Fannie, Freddie – Bloomberg
Saturday March 28th 2015
Doubling down on Dumb and Dumber policies – OC Register
The columnist is not happy about 3% down mortgages.
H.R. 1673 on PopVox
Posted yesterday – this has been a huge success so far with over 100 people supporting the bill and 0 opposing. Also, if you haven’t already, contact your representative in the House and Senate directly to support this bill.
H.R. 1036 The Lets the GSEs Pay Us Back Act – PopVox
This is Michael Capuano’s Bill. This also has over 100 people supporting it with 0 opposing it. Let’s support this as well.
The Austrian Fannie Mae – Forbes
Not related to the U.S. system, but this is a look into the secondary mortgage market of Austria.
AIG Case: Order Regarding Closing Arguments – iHub
Closing arguments to be held on April 22nd. Plus the judge has some questions for each party to address.
10/15/2014 – Investors hold ‘worthless paper’ after feds seize billions in private dollars –
09/09/2008 – Overseas debt drives bailout of Fannie, Freddie – Washington Times
Friday March 27th 2015
Cause of Financial Crisis – NY Times
The Federal Reserve Has Their Own Motives On Fannie And Freddie – Seeking Alpha
Freddie Mac completes largest sale ever of seriously delinquent loans – Housing Wire
NAHREP Calls On Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac To Bring Back Affordable Housing Goals – The Street
Verified Congressional Twitter Accounts – Investors Unite
Send your representatives a note on twitter. David Sims suggests one here.
H.R. 1673 on PopVox
Support Rep. Blackburn’s Bill to protect taxpayers against loss in the event of a housing downturn.
Harry Reid endorses Chuck Schumer to succeed him as Senate Democratic leader – Washington Post
Last year Schumer said Fannie and Freddie have fully repaid the taxpayers.
Sept 2008: Rep. Capuano asks Dir. Lockhart about shareholders – The Truth about FnF
Freddie Mac Executes Largest Ever Sale of Seriously Delinquent Loans From Its Investment Portfolio – CNN Money
Thursday March 26th 2015
Bruce Berkowitz Blog
Why Doesn’t US Government Want Fannie, Freddie to Succeed? – Huffington Post
Fannie and Freddie’s Missing Testimony – iHub via WSJ
Watt Pursues Fannie-Freddie Overhaul Blocked by Senator – Bloomberg
Bill Black: The Lessons Richard Bowen’s FCIC Testimony Should Have Taught the Nation – Naked Capitalism
“Citi’s strategy required it to sell the liar’s loans to another entity, usually Fannie and Freddie”
Release: Investors Unite Commends Rep. Blackburn for Housing Legislation that Honors Obligations to Investors, Restores Rule of Law – Investors Unite Blog
Fannie And Freddie: New Bill Establishes A Secondary Reserve To Protect Capital – Seeking Alpha
Enterprise Secondary Reserve Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act of 2015 – Scribd
Congresswoman wants to put Fannie, Freddie profits in escrow – Housing Wire
Nomura, RBS ‘crap’ emails come into play in $1 billion mortgage bond trial – The Fiscal Times
New York Fed Says Path for GSE Reform ‘Does Not Look Promising’ – DS News
GSE reform remains a long shot in 2015 – Scotsman Guide
Hensarling on the House Republican Budget –
“…our budget ends Washington’s regime for officially designating certain financial firms as “too big to fail” and envisions the eventual elimination of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac” – Jeb Hensarling
Pleasant surprise may in store in bank earnings in April – Seeking Alpha
“Trading in Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie MBS was up 35.3% from a year ago.”
01/19/2015 – Fed Testimony in AIG Bailout Trial: If It Walks Like Perjury and Quacks Like Perjury… – Naked Capitalism
Wednesday March 25th 2015
Dave Stevens Flip Flops – Investors Unite Blog
Senate’s Shelby Signals Fannie-Freddie Fix Unlikely This Year – Bloomberg
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Says GSE Reform is Unlikely – DS News
Fed Says Fannie and Freddie Have Not Repaid Taxpayers – WSJ
David Sims Webcast – Economic Theories are Not Law, Coming Profitability of Impac Mortgage – Youtube
Fairholme Lawsuit Conference Set to Begin Next Week – The M Report
FRBNY: Fannie and Freddie have not yet repaid bailout – Seeking Alpha
Bob Corker Admendment to establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to prevent the sale of Senior Preferred Stock of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by the Secretary of the Treasury without the consent of Congress – (pdf)
Corker, Warner Offer Jumpstart GSE Reform Amendment – Chattanoogan
NY Fed Calls Lack Of Fannie Mae Reform ‘Colossal Missed Opportunity’ – Valuewalk
Fannie Mae to list risk-sharing bonds on Irish Stock Exchange – Housing WireNY Fed Calls Lack Of Fannie Mae Reform ‘Colossal Missed Opportunity’ – Valuewalk
June 2012 – Fair-Value Estimates of the Cost of Federal Credit Programs in 2013 – (pdf)
“this analysis does not include the nearly $1 trillion in mortgage guarantees projected to be provided by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.” Just before the 3rd admendment sweep was put in place, the government knew the GSEs would become profitable.
06/14/2010 – GSEs: $1 Trillion Dumping Ground for Bad Bank Loans –
Tuesday March 24th 2015
Letter sent by Rep. Mike Capuano to members of Congress seeking support for HR 1036 – timhoward717
A screenshot of the letter is shown in this @timhoward717 tweet.
Tipping point for Fannie & Freddie – CNBC Video
Congress Should Not Treat Financial Companies As Public Utilities – Forbes
Nomura Executive’s Danger Batman Warning Emerges in Court – Bloomberg
House Bill Would Allow Fannie and Freddie to Pay Back Bailout –
Fannie Mae: Government Trying to Delay Fairholme Deposition of Officials – Valuewalk
$FNMA Capuano bill for those who haven’t seen it last month from fanofred –
Greenberg fires last shots in AIG fight as trial end nears – Automotive News
Even Dave Stevens is Talking about Capital! – Investors Unite Blog
As Economy Rebounds, Government Still Plays Role In Mortgage Business – NPR (audio)
JWood402 created a transcript of the show in this Google Groups thread.
Is Executive Privilege Concealing 3rd Amendment Connection to HAMP? – The Truth About FnF
Freddie Finds Buyers for Risk-Sharing Debt as Fannie Seeks More – Bloomberg
Pershing Square 2014 Letter To Investors – Valuewalk
Monday March 23rd 2015
Another Fannie Freddie bailout? No way – CNBC
There’s Basketball and the GSE Follies – Bill Maloni Blog
Fitch: Risks from FHFA Lawsuit Likely Manageable for Nomura – Reuters
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac May Not Be The World-Class Businesses Some People Think – NY Times Dealbreaker
NAR Thanks Congressmen for GSE Bill –
Obama’s Bizarre Executive Privilege Claim Over Fannie And Freddie – Daily Caller
FannieGate is specifically mentioned in this article.
What Do You Get When You Claim Conservatorship But Act Like A Receivership? – Investors Unite Blog
The Rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – (pdf)
Depositories Hike Mortgage Holdings; More Keeping GSE Eligible Loans – timhoward717 via Inside Mortgage Finance
Early Steps Down the Path of GSE Reform – (pdf)
Infrastructure Bank: Just Another Poor Political Decision – IBD
The author’s views on the GSEs are way off.
Sunday March 22nd 2015
Reform Bill Would Wind Down GSEs, Boost Ginnie Mae Role – Mortgage News Daily
Letter from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to Carney, Delaney, and Himes thanking them for reintroducing the Partnership to Strengthen Homeownership Act – KSE (pdf)
Interestingly, this letter came out 2 days before the legislation was introduced via press release, see the press release here. Good discussion on Google Groups regarding this letter here.
Viewpoint: Many still dream of home ownership – Pensacola News Journal
The author may have started a Yahoo Message Board thread about the article.
Read This Before You Buy Fannie Mae – Motley Fool
The Ambivalent Relationship of Investors with Fannie Mae (NASDAQOTCBB:FNMA) Stocks? –
Banks Keep Loans Close to Home – WSJ
Treasury Secretary Lew Blows Lid Off Of Governments Defense: Confirms True Reasons For Sweep – timhoward717
H.R. 1491 to Reform the Housing Finance System of the United States, and for Other Purposes. – PopVox
Let’s make our voices heard and oppose this Bill. PopVox has an audience in Washington.
Saturday March 21st 2015
02/17/2014 – Did the Fannie and Freddie Bailout Involve Securities Fraud? – National Review
11/29/2011 – Paulson put the fix in for financial elites – The American Conservative
Friday March 20th 2015
Amid Renewed Bailout Fear, Watt Turns Fannie, Freddie Into Welfare Agencies – Investors
Investors’ Love/Hate Relationship with Fannie Mae Stock – The Motley Fool
Counsel’s Corner: Examining FHFA and Nomura Strategies in MBS Trial – DS News
David Sims Webcast – General Introduction to #FannieGate and the Mortgage Wars – Youtube
Was There Wrongdoing Done in the Financial Crisis? – Bloomberg Video
“I spent an entire page of written testimony explaining to the commission the false representations which were given to the purchasers of Mortgage Backed Securities and I was forced to remove that from my testimony.”
Starting to sound very different in 2015: Fannie Mae – Fannie Mae Shareholders Blogspot
Freddie Mac Selling $1 Billion of Loans in Largest Deal – Bloomberg
2009: Rep. Grayson challenged Director Lockhart re: FNMA Takeover – The Truth About FnF
05/06/2006 – Loan Shark – Forbes
An article about John Delaney, author of the newest GSE bill.
Thursday March 19th 2015
David Sims Webcast – Nomura Sold “Crap” Loans to Fannie and Freddie – Youtube
An Update on Fairholme’s Positions in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Yahoo Finance
Least Transparent Administration Closes Records on Fannie and Freddie – CEI
Delaney, Carney & Himes File Housing Finance Reform Legislation to Protect 30-Year Mortgage & Taxpayers –
Housing Crash Already – Seeking Alpha Instablog
FHFA: Development Of Common Securitization Platform Making Progress – Mortgage Orb
Let the Sunshine In … No! No! Keep It Out! – Investors Unite Blog
Fannie Mae: Let The Sunshine In … No! No! Keep It Out! – Valuewalk
Roostify Completes Integration with Fannie Mae DU – Yahoo Finance
Fannie And Freddie: Political Winds Shift In Favor Of Retaining Earnings – Seeking Alpha
‘Middle Ground’ Housing Finance Reform Proposal Reintroduced – Mortgage Orb
House Democrats kick off housing finance reform debate – The Hill
Do we really need laws protecting the 30-year mortgage? – Housing Wire
Wednesday March 18th 2015
Rep. Capuano grills Treasury Secretary Lew on GSEs: “If one of my constituents were to loan me money and not allow me to pay them back, what would you call that?” – timhoward717
Capuano questions Jack Lew – C-Span Video
This is the video of Rep. @MikeCapuano talking with Secretary Lew.
The Continued Profitability of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Is Not Assured – FHFA OIG (pdf)
Fannie, Freddie could need another bailout as risks rise: watchdog – Yahoo
Are Fannie-Freddie Headed Towards Another Bailout? – Analyst Blog – Yahoo Finance
Fannie, Freddie could need another bailout as risks rise: Watchdog – CNBC
Fannie, Freddie could need another bailout – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Bailout Risk Rising – ABCNews Video
FHFA watchdog: Another Freddie, Fannie bailout could happen – Housing Wire
Fannie, Freddie profits ‘far from assured,’ inspector warns – MarketWatch
The links above are all basically the same. I include them for the comments.
Andrew Tomlinson discuss a phone call with a Congressional staffer – Google Groups
Go to Andrew’s comment at 12:02 am (March 18). It starts ” I had a 45 minute conversation with Senator Stabenow’s office…”
I am always curious as to what is going on behind the scenes, and Andrew gives us an idea of what the lawmakers and their staff are thinking.
Video from yesterday’s Forum on Critical Thinking, Innovation and Leadership at Ferrum College
More Confirmation That Treasury Loves the GSE’s Money if not the GSEs Themselves – Investors Unite Blog
More Confirmation That Treasury Loves Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac’s Money If Not The GSEs Themselves – Valuewalk
Joshua Rosner – The Future of the U.S. Housing Finance System: Bringing the U.S. Residential Mortgage Finance System into the 21st Century – (pdf)
Warner, Corker, Colleagues Urge FHFA Director Mel Watt to Move Beyond Duopolistic Tendencies of the Past – Real Estate Rama
Corker, Colleagues Urge FHFA Director Mel Watt to Move Beyond Duopolistic Tendencies of the Past – Political News
@JoshRosner tweets about GSE mission creep warnings- Twitter
The three links above show the real fight for control of the secondary housing mortgage market. Corker and Warner (and others) are demanding that Director Watt give equal access of the market to the big banks through the CSP.
From Josh Rosner’s tweet. “They also asked the agency for a plan on how to transition the system away from Fannie and Freddie ownership ‘into one with an open achitecture and more flexibility to accomodate multiple future states of housing finanace.'”
Wow – they want to hijack the CSP away from the GSEs and give it to anyone willing to enter the market aka the big banks. What happened to Fannie and Freddie own the CSP? I hope Director Watt shoots that one down.
GSE Market Share Hits Post-Conservatorship Low in 4Q – iHub via Inside Mortgage Finance
One Bank Is Finally on Trial for the Financial Crisis – New Republic
Now, Everybody is Talking About Capital – Investors Unite Blog
Tuesday March 17th 2015
David Sims and others Live Blog the Forum on Critical Thinking, Innovation and Leadership at Ferrum College – Investors Unite
Great info in there. Thanks David.
Let The GSEs Pay Us Back Act Of 2015 – Seeking Alpha
FHFA Releases Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Progress Report – The M Report
FHFA Squares Off With Firms at Trial – iHub via WSJ
Fannie Mae slaps Nomura on first day of subprime trial – NY Post
Bill Ackman to speak at the 2015 Sohn Investment Conference on May 4th –
GSE Litigation Update – Valueplays
Significant Lawsuits Concerning Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Net Worth Sweep – Valueplays (pdf)
House Republicans take aim at Dodd-Frank in budget plan – CNBC
House Republicans try to rally caucus to pass fiscal outline – Washington Post
simple reasons @carney and @RCwhalen are ethically bankrupt $FNMA –
@JonAPrior tweet – “Senate Banking members aim to block Congress from hiking Fannie, Freddie fees to offset spending in budget talks”
@JonAPrior tweet – “Group of Senators ask Fannie, Freddie overseer Watt to make more room for private banks on new mortgage bond platform”
Fannie, Freddie to Alter Some Loan Modifications – WSJ
Senators fight back against using Fannie, Freddie fees to cover federal spending – Housing Wire
Senators Rally Against Using Fannie, Freddie to Offset Federal Spending – The M Report
Senators push back against using guarantee fees to offset spending – The Hill
Finally, A Bank Stands Up To Obama’s Shakedown –
The Fannie and Freddie Profits: Pendulum or Pit? – WSJ
Urban Institute: Are the GSEs still profitable? – Housing Wire
Monday March 16th 2015
The Ides of March: Not Dead, Stronger Than Ever – timhoward717
Nomura Set to Square Off Against FHFA in Crisis-Era Securities Case – WSJ
Japanese bank seeks justice in subprime mortgage trial – NY Post
Lawsuit: White House Accused Of Hiding Politically Embarrassing Information – Daily Caller
It’s not just the GSEs. The White House tries to hide everything.
What to Make of the Dramatic Fall in GSE Profits – (pdf)
As @JimMillstein tweets “Oh no! Profits at the GSEs were only $22 billion in 2014. But still no capital protecting against future draws.”
Will Freddie Mac Require Another Draw from Treasury? – DS News
David Sims Webcast – Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Levittown and the American Dream – Youtube
U.S. Housing Finance Reform: Can we manage and control tax payer risk while assuring continued innovation in the market? –
The forum occurs on Tuesday, March 17th, 9 am – 12 pm EST. Bill Maloni reports that Dr. Stegman has withdrawn.
Capitol Hill in no Hurry to End F&F – Bill Maloni Blog
Former FHFA Chief DeMarco Criticizes Obama’s Housing Moves – via American Banker
After the Deal: Fannie, Freddie and the Financial Crisis Aftermath – (pdf)
FHFA Progress Report on the Implementation of FHFA’s Strategic Plan for the Conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac- (pdf)
Yet no discussion of how the GSEs exit conservatorship.
FNMA leads all “banks” on Revenue / Number of Employees – Capital Market Labs
Administration Doubles Down On Conservatorships – Capital Alpha (pdf)
Former FHFA Head DeMarco Wants to Shift Blame for Problems He Helped Create – Investors Unite Blog
Nomura, RBS Blame Housing Crash for Fall of Mortgage Bonds – Bloomberg
Urban Institute: Freddie Mac won’t need another bailout – Housing Wire
Urban Institute: 3 big impacts of mortgage repurchase clarifications – Housing Wire
The Unhappy Return of GSE Buybacks: A 31 Percent Increase – iHub via IMF
03/06/2015 – Letter from LCLAA to Dr. Michael Stegman – (pdf)
“We believe that recapitalization of the GSEs and ending the conservatorship of Fannie and Freddie is a critical first step toward preserving affordable housing for Latino families.”
Sunday March 15th 2015
Homeownership: Promote equal access, affordability – Missoulian
06/16/2014 – What Is the Federal Government Hiding About Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? – Real Clear Markets
Saturday March 14th 2015
The Government Takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Upending Capital Markets with Lax Business and Constitutional Standards by Richard A. Epstein – (pdf)
US regulator puts two banks on trial – Irish Examiner
Bruce Berkowitz’s Bogus Bombast – David Stockman’s Contra Corner
FHFA’s Actions Increase Emphasis on Removing GSEs’ Non-Performing Loans – DS News
05/30/2014 – Did Treasury plan to shortchange Fannie, Freddie investors? – Housing Wire
Friday March 13th 2015
Painful Mortgage Memories Ebb, But Reform Obstacles Persist – American Banker
Nomura, RBS face U.S. mortgage trial; $1 billion damages at stake – Reuters
Nomura First to Fight U.S. Toxic Debt Claims at Trial – Bloomberg
Herbalife’s ‘intentional’ deception: Bill Ackman – CNBC Video
Not GSE related.
Fannie Mae makes big deposit in Reston, inks full-building lease near planned Silver Line station – Biz Journals
Petrobras Stock Remains an Investor Favorite Despite All the Risks – The Street
Some GSE talk in there.
KC building leader works in DC to save 30-year mortgages – Biz Journals
@TreyGarrisonHW likes yesterday’s article from The Hill – Twitter
MEDIA ADVISORY: Committee Schedule for the Week of March 16 – US Gov Financial Services 
Let’s see if the GSEs come up next week.
02/27/2014 – Were Fannie, Freddie Negotiations Done in Good Faith? – The Street
10/22/2010 – Bill Maloni on GSE Reform – Youtube
Thursday March 12th 2015
Government’s sweep of Fannie and Freddie profits puts taxpayers at risk – The Hill
What you should know about shadow banking – Yahoo Video
A Crusader Against the Common View of the Financial Crisis – NY Times
Wednesday March 11th 2015
Fannie Mae putting taxpayers back at risk with careless behavior, probe warns – Washington Times
Freddie Mac to Seek Punitive Damages in Deloitte Lawsuit, Report Says – DS News
FHFA defense in court from HERA against Fannie Mae shareholders – Fannie Mae Shareholder Blogspot
03/31/2014 – Chris Whalen Goes Off the Deep End, Issues Error-Filled Screed in Defense of Mortgage Servicers – Naked Capitalism
09/11/2008 – Foreign Bondholders – and not the U.S. Mortgage Market – Drove the Fannie/Freddie Bailout – Money Morning
Tuesday March 10th 2015
This could shock US housing market: Bove – Originator Times
Preserving Access and Affordability in Housing Finance: Questions and Answers on the Role of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Civil Rights Docs (pdf)
GSE Fee Reduction Warranted Now – PR Log
Joe Light is sick of #FannieGate – Twitter
Good conversation between Joe and others also
05/17/2014 – The plot to use Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to steal billions from the taxpayer – Vox
04/27/2014 – Stealing Fannie and Freddie – SSRN
02/19/2014 – People Really Didn’t Like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Bloomberg
12/11/2013 – Why, Exactly, Do The GSEs Need Reforming? – National Mortgage News
2012 – Confidential Discovery: A Pocket Guide on Protective Orders – FJC (pdf)
10/11/2008 – Fannie, Freddie to Buy $40 Billion a Month of Troubled Assets – Bloomberg
Monday March 9th 2015
White House Swings and Misses, Again – Bill Maloni Blog
Dr. of Delusion Mike Stegman Meet #FannieGate – timhoward717
In the comments section to TH717’s newest post. See the comment by hll7575. A letter was received by Rep. Gerald Connolly of VA. He puts forth a positive statement for shareholders. “I share their concerns and would like to see Fannie and Freddie healthy and returned to shareholders.”
#Fanniegate: Will Private Capital Dry Up In The Absence of GSE reform? – Collingwood LLC
Why Does Sen. Isakson Want to Add $5 Trillion to the National Debt? – Investors Unite Blog
GSE reform starts #Fanniegate war – MPAMag
Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: ‘Rehab recovery’ an opportunity for MBS investors – Housing Wire
‘The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement says it believes that recapitalization of the GSEs and ending the conservatorship of Fannie and Freddie is a critical first step toward preserving affordable housing for Latino families.’
Freddie Mac Update February 2015 – (pdf)
See page 10 (table and graph) for the amount of private capital in the system today. Hint: It’s not much.
01/28/2015 – Rep. Mulvaney Questions FHFA Director Mel Watt – Youtube
01/30/2015 – Fannie Mae: Perspectives on HERA Shareholders Can Take to the Bank – Or at Least Should – Valuewalk
Sunday March 8th 2015
The Implications Of The AIG Trial For Fannie Mae Shareholders – Seeking Alpha
Fannie Mae: Stegman Redefines Conservatorship – Valuewalk
The Bank That Won’t Buckle – iHub via WSJ
Saturday March 7th 2015
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: The Hedge Funds Weigh In – Motley Fool
02/21/2012 – A Strategic Plan for Enterprise Conservatorships: The Next Chapter in a Story that Needs an Ending – Enterprise Community (pdf)
This file gives good insight into what the FHFA is planning on doing with the GSEs
Don’t Let Fannie and Freddie Go: Treasury Official – CFO
Which Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Investment Is Better — Common Shares or Preferred? – Motley Fool
The author owns both Common and Preferred
09/12/2008 – CRS Report for Congress – Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s Financial Problems: Frequently Asked Questions – FPC.State.Gov (pdf)
“In the short run, the price of the GSEs’ common stock has declined, but if the GSEs recover, stockholders be better off compared to their situation at the time that conservatorship was undertaken.” is the Foreign Press Center portion of the US State Department.
Friday March 6th 2015
Taxpayers Are Still on the Hook for Fannie and Freddie – Redin Blog
Should You Invest With Bill Ackman? – Motley Fool
Investors Unite Members Meet Mel Watt at Newark HARP Event – Investors Unite Blog
Fannie Mae: Investors Unite Members Meet Mel Watt At Newark HARP Event – Valuewalk
Same article at Valuewalk
Stegman Redefines Conservatorship – Valueplays
@JonAPrior tweets about plans from Rep. Garrett
@JacobGaffneys tweet about a possible meeting with IU and MBA
Jacob Gaffney is the executive editor of Housing Wire
#Fanniegate goes viral on Twitter – Housing Wire
11/05/2011 – What caused the financial crisis? The Big Lie goes viral – Washington Post
Thursday March 5th 2015
Housing’s critical problems are “intrinsic to the GSE charters” – Housing Wire
U.S. Treasury says speed up reduction of Fannie, Freddie assets – CNBC
UPDATE 2-U.S. officials push to speed up sale of Fannie, Freddie assets – CNBC
Full Statement by Dr. Stegman at GS Housing Finance Conference – The Truth About FnF
Official Stegman Statement from
2015 Scorecard for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Common Securitization Solutions – (pdf)
Fact Checking Michael Stegman – Investors Unite Blog
U.S. Housing Financing Reform Forum –
DeMarco and Stegman? A real treat
Prepared Remarks of Melvin L. Watt Director FHFA at the Goldman Sachs Housing Finance Conference –
Treasury Official Says Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Won’t Build Up Capital – Valuewalk
Administration rejects GSE recapitalization ideas – Seeking Alpha
Fannie And Freddie: Deficit Reduction Tool Or Mortgage Market Future? – Seeking Alpha
David Sims Webcast – Excessive Leverage in Financial System Puts Economy at Risk #FannieGate – Youtube
Fannie, Freddie Recapitalization Rejected – iHub via WSJ
Fannie and Freddie Hopes Hit the Buffers – WSJ
Fannie-Freddie Profit Sweep Defended by Key Treasury Adviser – Bloomberg
Rep. Capuano Discusses the Need To End GSE Conservatorship and the Bulk Sale of FHA Properties – Fannie Mae Shareholders Blogspot
Wednesday March 4th 2015
H.R.1036 – Let the GSEs Pay Us Back Act of 2015 –
Don’t forget to vote for Rep Capuano’s bill on PopVox
I Trumped the Law, and the Law Won! – The Truth About FnF
David Sims Webcast – Fannie Mae or #FannieGate ? Several Different #GSEreform Options – Youtube
link to investor article- detail pasted in reply post – Google Groups
Absurd_Trader offers some potential insight on what is going on behind the scenes.
Interesting Twitter Posts on FannieGate – Investors Unite Discussion
Government-Sponsored Enterprises –
“They (the GSEs) are not included in the Federal Budget because they are private companies.”
Paulson on Fannie, Freddie – NBC News Video
I recently linked this video from Fan O Fred’s blog, but it’s worth a 2nd look. Hank Paulson talks about putting the GSEs in conservatorship, and admits it’s not about the GSEs.
5m 16s “We’re explaining to them how important this is, that this goes beyond their individual situations. This is about our capital markets, this is about our economy – clearly the right thing to do.”
Tuesday March 3rd 2015
Judge Sweeney Confirms Our Government is : “Making It Up As They Go Along.” Government Attorney Acknowledges “Russian Process” underway –
Fannie Mae: Mortgage Serious Delinquency rate declined in January, Lowest since September 2008 – Red Lion Trader
Two must-see videos on government takeover of Fan and Fred – The Truth About FnF
Ocwen to sell servicing rights on $45 billion of Fannie Mae loans – Reuters
Here are the details of Freddie’s massive delinquent loan sale – Housing Wire
Fannie and Freddie Will Finance a New Source for Affordable Housing Funds – Daily Signal
Congressman Capuano’s E-UPDATE – The Truth About FnF
Federal National Mortgage AssctnFnni Me (OTCBB:FNMA) Making Moves – Micro Cap Daily
2015 Message on Housing Finance Reform – NCSHA
” Affordable housing lending did not get the GSEs into trouble.”
Bridgewater launches new hedge fund unit; Freddie Mac, Deutsche Bank quietly hiring – efinancialcareers
Will eliminating Fannie, Freddie drop U.S. home values? – Fox Business Video
Monday March 2nd 2015
@CGasparino tweets he will discuss GSE issues with Dick Bove on Tuesday – Twitter
Fannie, Freddie Overseer Sets Rules for Sales of Delinquent Debt – Bloomberg
David Sims Webcast – #ICBAlive15 Conference, Illegal Conservatorship of @FannieMae & @FreddieMac – Youtube
Mike, Mike, he’s our man, if he can’t do it……… – Bill Maloni Blog
Collingwood Group Mortgage Outlook Report: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Overhaul Needed, But Won’t Happen Now – Yahoo
American Refinancing Boom Seen Fizzling, Bonds Show: Mortgages – Bloomberg
Why Shareholders Still Won’t Get Any Fannie – Jewish Business News
09/18/2014 – Call to end Treasury secrecy on Fannie and Freddie gets louder – Housing Wire
Interesting comment section
09/09/2008 – Henry Paulson’s Itchy Trigger Finger – NY Times
“Mr. Paulson’s decision seems to have been a philosophical one, rather than one forced by imminent crisis”
Treasury Official Says Administration is ‘Ready, Willing, and Able’ to Talk Housing Finance Reform – DS News
Sunday March 1st 2015
06/07/2011 – Fanniegate: Gamechanger For The GOP? – The American Interest
Mention of Fanniegate from 2011
09/09/2008 – Fannie-Gate…Where’s The Investigation Free Republic
The earliest mention of Fanniegate that I’ve found
Jim Cramer in a GSE conversation with @FFoscoJr – StockTwits
2-1-15 FSC Majority | Sunday Video Message: Rep. Garrett Discusses Sustainable Housing Finance – Youtube
Rep. Scott Garrett makes a bunch of false claims regarding the GSEs