August 2019

August 30, 2019

American Banker: Will GSE reform get some clarity from long-awaited blueprints?

American Banker: ‘You don’t have to like the GSEs’: Comments of the week

August 29 2019

American Banker: BankThink GSE bailout was really a stickup

August 28 2019

Housing Wire: Trump administration to release plan for Fannie, Freddie after Labor Day

August 27 2019

Wall Street Journal: A Primer on the Future of Fannie, Freddie

American Banker: 6 banking issues to watch when Congress reconvenes

Fortune: Ex-Fannie Mae CEO: Housing Will Be Fine in the Next Recession

Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog: Keeping my eyes on the bad guys and other things…..

August 23 2019

Bloomberg: Fannie-Freddie Revamp Risks Destabilizing Economy, Democrat Says

Deal Breaker: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Are Back And, Uh, Pretty Much The Same As Before

Mortgage News Daily: Treasury Report Sparks Rumors of Fannie/Freddie Liberation

The M Report: Bringing Fannie and Freddie out of Conservatorship

August 22 2019

Wall Street Journal: Fannie and Freddie Plan Is Likely Released Next Month

Fox Business: Treasury Plan for Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac near complete

Fox Business: Treasury reform plan for Fannie, Freddie in final stages: Gasparino

American Banker: BankThink Taxpayers are the GSEs’ true stockholders

August 20 2019

New filing in Fairholme vs. FHFA, click here to view

Peter Chapman writes, “In a reply delivered to Judge Lamberth yesterday, Fairholme reminds the court “Treasury [has a] starring role in matters concerning the Net Worth Sweep,” the subpoena is designed to avoid production of documents previously produced, and Treasury’s conclusory parroting of discovery-related buzzwords — rather than sharing facts — fails to demonstrate any undue burden. ”

Housing Wire: Add another 6 months to Fannie, Freddie recap and release timeline

JD Supra: FHFA Publishes Final Rule on Validation and Approval of Credit Score Models

Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog: And the GSE Beat (and Heat) Goes On

August 19 2019

Business Insider: New FHFA rules are forcing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to consider alternative data for creditworthiness

DS News: FHFA Shares Fannie, Freddie Stress Tests Results

DS News: The Power of Regulators and Regulations

August 16 2019

Financial Regulation News: FHFA approves final rule allowing GSE’s to use third-party credit score models

August 14 2019

National Mortgage News: Reform plan shouldn’t lead to GSE ratings cut in the near term: Fitch

Wall Street Journal: Fannie, Freddie to Consider Alternatives to FICO Scores

Housing Wire: FHFA flip-flops, won’t blacklist VantageScore as FICO alternative for Fannie and Freddie

August 13 2019

Real Clear Markets: If You Believe In Dodd-Frank, You Can’t Also Believe In Fannie, Freddie

August 12 2019

New filing in Fairholme vs. FHFA, click here to view

Peter Chapman writes, “Treasury responded to Fairholme’s motion to compel today, and tells Judge Lamberth Fairholme’s request should be denied.  Treasury suggests Fairholme get documents it wants about communications between Treasury and FHFA from FHFA and then let Treasury know if something appears to be missing.  Treasury stresses it is no longer a party to this action and that none of Fairholme’s claims and causes of action against Treasury have survived in any court to date.  Treasury tells Judge Lamberth the burden Fairholme wants to impose is undue and disproportionate. ”

New filing in Wazee vs. FHFA, click here to view

Peter Chapman writes, “Judge Alejandro placed her stamp of approval on the parties’ stiulation substituting Director Calabria for Acting Director Otting”

American Banker: 6 banking questions for the next Democratic debate

Housing Wire: Urban Institute: Launch of FHFA’s single security was “flawless”

August 9 2019

Seeking Alpha: Fannie and Freddie Treasury Plan Means 50% Gains in 45 Days

August 8 2019

The Hill: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac need to be labeled as systemically important

Housing Wire: Former Freddie Mac CEO Donald Layton: Trump’s Treasury says GSE reform has “mostly happened”

August 7 2019

Yahoo Finance: Bruce Berkowitz Comments on Fannie Mae

August 6 2019

DS News: The Long-Term Impact of the Uniform Mortgage-Backed Security

Yahoo Finance: Milliman launches new index to measure the risk of default for government-backed mortgages

August 5 2019

RESPA News: Waters introduces FHA Foreclosure Prevention Act

American Banker: Lenders dread prospect of Fannie, Freddie losing CFPB exemption

August 2 2019

Fox Business: Trump administration to cap Americans’ ability to tap home equity for cash

Market Watch: Trump administration plans to reduce the size of loans people can get through FHA refinancing

M Report: HUD, FHA Partner to Reduce Risks From Refis

August 1 2019

Yahoo Finance: Freddie Mac Reports Second Quarter 2019 Financial Results

Seeking Alpha: Freddie Mac (FMCC) CEO David Brickman on Q2 2019 Results – Earnings Call Transcript