April 2019

April 30 2019

DS News: GSE Reform: Guarding the Market

DS News: FHFA’s Calabria and the Future of the Mortgage Market

April 29 2019

Seeking Alpha: Fannie And Freddie: October Named For Taking Capital Raise Steps

DS News: FHFA Checks in on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Yahoo! Finance: Fannie Mae Announces Scheduled Release of First Quarter 2019 Financial Results

Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog: Color me GSE-confused, but that’s not new

April 25 2019

Wall Street Journal: Fannie and Freddie’s Uncertain Future, Explained

April 24 2019

Wall Street Journal: How Fannie and Freddie Prop Up America’s Favorite Mortgage (Video)

American Banker: Card issuers go social; Calabria vows to push for GSE overhaul

Deal Breaker: Oh, Look, Another Fannie-Freddie Plan That’s Sure To Go Nowhere

DS News: FHFA’s Calabria on “Meeting the Mileposts” for GSE Reform

April 23 2019

New filing in Fannie Mae, et al., click here to view

Peter Chapman writes, “Mr. Angel’s reply is due May 6. A copy of the order extending the deadline may be viewed above.”

Wall Street Journal: Trump-Appointed Official Promises Full Push to Overhaul Plumbing of Mortgage Market

The Real Deal: Going private: Fed housing finance chief details plan to end Fannie-Freddie oversight

American Enterprise Institute: Why the universal use of the 30-year mortgage is dangerous

April 19 2019

New filing in Bhatti vs FHFA, click here to view

Peter Chapman writes, “The Eighth Circuit did not schedule oral argument in Bhatti v. FHFA for May, and the Bhatti Plaintiffs sent the clerk a letter Friday asking that oral argument not be scheduled in June.”

New filing in Angel vs. Fannie Mae, et al., click here to view

April 18 2019

Seeking Alpha: Have We Seen The Last Frannie Net Worth Sweep?

DS News: Under Construction: Housing Finance Reform

The Heritage Foundation: Housing Finance Reform Has Never Really Been About Affordable Housing

April 17 2019

DS News: An Uphill Climb

Mortgage Professional America: Trump administration continues to push for privatization of Fannie and Freddie

National Mortgage News: Senior HUD official named FHFA deputy director

DS News: FHFA Appoints New Principal Deputy Director, Industry Reacts

The M Report: Calabria’s and Marzol’s FHFA

April 16 2019

New filing in Angel vs. Fannie Mae, et al., click here to view

Peter Chapman writes, “FHFA, Fannie and Freddie oppose Mr. Angel’s motion for reconsideration because (i) Judge Lamberth reached the correct result the first time, (ii) any amended complaint would be futile, and (iii) Mr. Angel’s provided no new facts to revive his claims. ”

Wall Street Journal: Trump Officials Stress Urgency In Fannie, Freddie Revamp

Bloomberg: Fannie-Freddie Watchdog Vows Urgency in Housing Finance Overhaul

National Mortgage News: Mark Calabria sworn in as FHFA director

Forbes: Housing Finance Reform Has Never Really Been About Affordable Housing

Scotsman Guide: Calabria sworn in as FHFA director

ABA Banking Journal: New FHFA Director Warns of Vulnerability in Housing Finance System

Housing Wire: Mark Calabria takes over as FHFA director, begins push for housing finance reform

The M Report: Mark Calabria Begins Role as FHFA Director

Mortgage Professional America: Privatization of GSEs could disturb steady multifamily lending – report

April 15 2019

A series of three letters to the editor are published in Wall Street Journal, and may be viewed here: Housing Finance Reform: First Do No Harm 

Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog: Fifth Circuit and other meanderings…

April 12 2019

Affordable Housing Finance: White House Approach to Housing Finance Could Damage Affordable Housing

CUNA: Calabria sworn in as FHFA director, CUNA shares priorities

April 11 2019

New filing in Fairholme vs FHFA, click here to view.

Peter Chapman writes, “Judge Lamberth placed his stamp of approval on the parties’ proposed protective order this week”

April 10 2019

Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog: Congress is Back

April 9 2019

American Banker: Analyst coverage of Fannie another sign GSE privatization gaining steam

DS News: Walking the Tightrope of GSE Reform

April 8 2019

National Mortgage News: Everyone has an opinion on Fannie’s future, one firm offers a rating

Roll Call: Why Fannie and Freddie need newer credit scoring models

Benzinga: Analyst Starts Coverage Of Fannie Mae, Views Common And Preferred Shares As A Call Option

RIS Media: Calabria Confirmed as Director of Fannie, Freddie Overseer

April 5 2019

Wall Street Journal: The Coming Trump Housing Crisis

The Hill: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reform should put American taxpayers first

National Mortgage News: Downsizing Fannie, Freddie could help banks, hurt nonbanks

National Mortgage Professional: Moody’s: GSE Reform Can Have Negative Credit Implications

Bloomberg: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Are Getting a New Overseer

Reuters: U.S. Senate confirms housing regulator overseeing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Law 360: Senate Confirms Calabria To Lead Housing Finance Regulator

Politico: Senate confirms Calabria to lead housing finance overhaul

The Hill: Senate confirms Trump pick for agency overseeing Fannie, Freddie

Market Watch: Senate confirms Mark Calabria as head of Fannie, Freddie regulator

Market Watch: Calabria confirmed by Senate to head the FHFA

Housing Wire: Senate confirms Mark Calabria to lead FHFA

DS News: Mark Calabria Confirmed as FHFA Director: Industry Reaction

April 4 2019

DS News: Planning for the Possible End of GSE Conservatorship

Value Walk: This Fund Expects To Triple Its Money On GSE Preferred Shares

American Banker: FHFA’s Otting authorizes GSE affordable housing payments

April 3 2019

Fox Business: Trump mulls taking Fannie, Freddie private, seeks Wall Street input

The Hill: President makes the smart call for reforming housing finance system

American Banker: House Democrat moves goalposts for GSE reform

CUNA: McConnell files cloture on Calabria nomination to lead FHFA

Seeking Alpha: Will Fannie And Freddie Investors Finally Get Relief? POTUS Memo, Collins En Banc And The Smart Way To Recapitalize The GSEs

April 2 2019

The Real Deal: Don’t expect a deal on Fannie and Freddie anytime soon

The M Report: The GSE Patch and Higher DTI Borrowers

April 1 2019

New filing in Fairholme vs FHFA, click here to view

Peter Chapman writes, “Fairholme, Arrowood, the Class Plaintiffs, FHFA, Fannie and Freddie presented a stipulation to Judge Lamberth this past week for the handling of confidential and privileged documents in litigation before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.  The agreed order is similar to the protective order entered by Judge Sweeney in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. ”

Wall Street Journal: This Time Probably Isn’t Different for Fannie, Freddie

Lexology: White House calls for end to GSE conservatorships; Senate holds housing finance hearings

Deal Breaker: If You’ve Got An Idea To Solve This Fannie-Freddie Mess, Please Tell Larry Kudlow

New York Post: Trump’s key step toward avoiding another mortgage meltdown

Seeking Alpha: Otting Suggests Frannie Capital Raise From Trump Memorandum


The Hill: Protect small lenders in GSE reform

Dodd Frank Update: Trump outlines housing finance reform priorities

MENA FM: Trump steps in Fannie-Freddie mess with a fix still a way off

Bill Maloni’s GSE Blog: The good guys win one, with CMLA and Prof. Levitin my heroes