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March 2018
Thursday March 8th 2018
Oral Argument Recording in the Collins case -
Mortgage market doesn't need explicit government backing - American Banker
Short Takes: Risk Sharing Denting GSE Profits?... - Inside Mortgage Finance
Senate Lawmakers Seek to Gut Fair Housing - The Washington Informer
Fannie Mae Seeks Second Taxpayer Bailout -
U.S. Fed Buys $3.4 Bln Of Mortgage Bonds, Sells None -
The risk lurking in the US mortgage market - CNN Money

Wednesday March 7th 2018
Seizing the “10 Percent Moment” - Investors Unite
Mnuchin Says Dodd-Frank Bill Will Be Good for Economy and Banks - Bloomberg (Video)
GSEs are discussed at 2:23.
"Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., has an amendment to not use Fannie and Freddie as a piggy bank unless it's pay for housing finance reform." via @IanMcKendry13 - Twitter
Fannie Mae Prices $1.007 Billion Connecticut Avenue Securities Risk Sharing Deal -
GSE Investors Twisting in the Wind - Inside Mortgage Finance
Short Takes: Gary Cohn’s Resignation and the GSEs / Don’t Assume Anything / Fannie Mae’s ‘10 Percent Moment’... - Inside Mortgage Finance
GSE credit risk transfer programs are a housing reform model - National Mortgage News
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Tuesday March 6th 2018
Fannie has reached the 10% moment, after all -
A Conversation about Housing Finance Reform -
Tim Howard comments on the GSE CRTs - Howard on Mortgage Finance
Annaly Capital Management, Inc. Publishes White Paper on Credit Risk Transfer - Business Wire
New York Fed Suggests a Few Improvements to the GSE CRT Programs - Inside Mortgage Finance
A Glimpse at Life Without the 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage - Forbes

Monday March 5th 2018
NMHC Perspective: Growth Plans -
Growth Area #3 discusses housing finance reform.
Following Big Reston Lease, Fannie Mae Looks To Sell 3 Fairfax County Buildings -

Sunday March 4th 2018
More GSE Stuff and less Trump... - Bill Maloni's GSE Blog

Saturday March 3rd 2018
Credit Risk Transfer and De Facto GSE Reform -
FNMA Stock and FMCC Stock Should Be Much Higher -

Friday March 2nd 2018
New filing in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement Class Action Litigations case, click here to view.
Peter Chapman writes, "The Class Plaintiffs, Fairholme, Arrowood and FHFA have agreed that FHFA may filed a single 45-page reply in support of its motion to dismiss and will do so on or before Mar. 23."
Is The Freddie Mac Bailout A Faux Bailout? - Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
"The @AEI whacky plan for the #GSEs: "Wait for Congress to Step in during a crisis". Watch them stumble in answering questions about pro cyclicality & bank lending" video via @JoshRosner - Twitter
New CRL and Urban League Report: Senate Housing Proposal Would Be A Blow To Affordable Housing And Harmful To Overall Housing Market -
Draft Senate GSE Reform Bill Would Scale Back Affordable Housing Lending -
What We’re Hearing: ...Jeb Hensarling’s GSE Bill / Does the AEI have the Ear of the White House?... - Inside Mortgage Finance

Thursday March 1st 2018
Implement AEI-Heritage-R Street GSE Plan and Honor Shareholder Contracts -
Senate GSE Reform Proposal: A Blow to Affordable Housing and Harmful to the Overall Housing Market -
U.S. Fed buys $3 bln of mortgage bonds, sells none -

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