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January 2016
Friday January 29th 2016
New filing in the Fairholme case, click here to view.
Read a detailed explanation of the filing at
If Trump Wins The White House, FNMA Soars - Jason Bond Picks
Pershing Square's New Presentation, Part 2 - GuruFocus
City Leaders Call On Fannie Mae To Stop Sale Of Delinquent Mortgages - Valuewalk
Fannie Mae December 2015 Monthly Summary -
Freddie Mac January 2015 Insight and Outlook -
Form 8-K for Federal National Mortgage Association Fannie Mae - Yahoo
From 1/15. "Mr. Frater was a Founding Partner and Managing Director of BlackRock" and is now on the FNMA Board of Directors.
Pershing Square Holdings 2015 Annual Update Presentation - Pershing Square Holdings
GSEs start on page 82.
Do GSE Plaintiffs Have a Shot in State Court Regarding the Earnings ‘Sweep’? - Inside Mortgage Finance
Registration required, but it's free to register.

Thursday January 28th 2016
New filing in the Jacobs and Hindes case, click here to view.
A Major Shift in Housing Demand is Currently Underway - RISMedia
Subprime Reasoning on Housing - NY Times
GSEs not mentioned.
Fast and Curious: The Futility of Hiding What is Known -
Ex-Fannie Mae Boss Mudd Pushes for Dismissal of SEC’s Fraud Suit - DS News
Basically the same article from yesterday.
07/08/2008 - Fannie, Freddie Adequately Capitalized: Lockhart - CNBC

Wednesday January 27th 2016
Joe Light Clarifies Parrott Deposition: DOJ States No Fifth Amendment Invoked -
Fighting Through Fannie, Freddie Redactions — Market Talk - iHub
New Shelby campaign ad highlights senator's opposition to Wall Street bailout -
Ex-Fannie Mae CEO urges U.S. judge to toss SEC fraud case - Yahoo
Ex-Fannie Mae boss's lawyer: SEC lacks civil fraud evidence - Yahoo
Freddie Mac’s Mortgage Investment Portfolio Changes Course - The MReport
Fannie Mae Prices $945.7 Million Multifamily DUS REMIC (FNA 2016-M1) Under Its GeMS™ Program - Seeking Alpha
Here's Why Apple's Stock Is A Sell - Fortune
FNMA is mentioned.

Tuesday January 26th 2016
Judge Sweeney Order filed under seal -
We Can Reduce the GSEs' Risk Without Congress - American Banker
By Mark Calabria
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Gear Up for Another Year of Heavy Lending - National Real Estate Investor
$FNMA rumor of the secret filing? -
A China bank contagion could blow up global markets - CNBC
Freddie Mac Monthly Volume Summary: December 2015 -
David Fiderer tweets about Jeb Hensarling - Twitter
House price gains push past 2007 peaks, FHFA says - MarketWatch
Pershing Square 2015 Letter: 2015 is a year we will not forget - Valuewalk

Monday January 25th 2016
Sealed filings in the Fairholme case -
“Silence Is Often Evidence Of The Most Persuasive Character.” -Justice Brandeis -
Fast and Curious: The Futility of Hiding What is Known - Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk
Freddie Unveils First NPL Auction of 2016: $1.6B of Loans Serviced by NSM; At Least $7.1B Queued Up? - iHub via Inside Mortgage Finance
@JonAPrior tweet
Requires access to Politico Pro.
The Politico Pro article referenced the following:
The Budget and Economic Outlook: 2016 to 2026 -
Budgetary Impact of Major Federal Programs that Guarantee Mortgages—CBO's January 2016 Baseline -
Mortgage Credit: The Private/Public Paradox - Real Estate Economy Watch
Recent refinances appear safer credit bets than purchase originations, AEI says - Scotsman Guide
RMBS Settlements Not Dead Yet - DS News
Are FICO Alternatives Becoming the Preferred Standard? - Houston Agent Magazine
@mcelarier tweet
from 1/22
Inside Job -
A documentary from 2010. Also added to the 'Video' section
The low tricks of high finance: how greedy bankers, weak politicians and timid journalists could cause a new crash - The Spectator
GSEs not specifically mentioned.

Sunday January 24th 2016
Jim Parrott's Deposition May Be Less Than Meets The Eye - Fiderer on GSEs
BUZZ-Fannie, Freddie slump to $1; proxy for hedge fund selling? -
Interesting tweet from @RuthMantell - Twitter

Friday January 22nd 2016
Breaking News: Co-Conspirator Jim Parrot Takes The Fifth In Depositon -
Protecting the economy and homeowners: Four ways to restore Fannie and Freddie - Bloomberg Government
The authors of the above article launched the this website.
Fannie Mae Lawsuit Updates Bode Well For Shareholders - Seeking Alpha by Glen Bradford
Government filed its Response to Fairholme's Motion to Compel... -
Fannie Mae Issues $9.8 Billion of Multifamily MBS in the Fourth Quarter of 2015 -
Fox News personality predicts housing crisis, outs self as clueless fear-monger - HousingWire
08/28/2015 - What happens if you take the Fifth in a civil case? - Washington Post
The article does not mention the GSEs.

Thursday January 21st 2016
Fannie, Freddie Suit May Get Boost From Former Delaware Judge - Twitter

Wednesday January 20th 2016
No Longer If But When The Truth Is Shared With All -
iHub user 'Obiterdictum' comments on court proceedings: Post #1, Post #2, Post #3 - iHub
GSEs: Appeals Court Sets April 15th For Oral Arguments - Valuewalk
Defaulting Single-Family Mortgages (by quality) - Ritholtz
Fear and Greed Index Hitting a Low and GSE Frienemies - Youtube
Address by FHFA Director Mel Watt - Bipartisan Policy Center
Director Watt is speaking on 2/18.
Any suggestions on FNMA stock? - Reddit
Freddie Mac settles with Deloitte in $1.3 billion suit over Taylor, Bean & Whitaker - HousingWire
Redwood Trust to Stop Purchasing Loans for Resale to GSEs - National Mortgage News
Private Investors Taking on More of the Risk With Credit Risk Transfer Programs - DS News

Tuesday January 19th 2016
Hindes and Jacobs Ask for Virginia & Delaware Supreme Court Opinion - Valueplays
Same article from Valuewalk
Is another housing crisis just around the corner? - Fox News
DS News Webcast: Tuesday 1/19/2016 - DS News
Judge rejects Obama's executive privilege claim over Fast and Furious records - Politico
Not GSE related.

Monday January 18th 2016
The Truth Has Not Abandoned Us, We Must Not Abandon The Truth: MLK 2016 Tribute -
Will Royal Bank of Scotland be the Next to Settle RMBS Fraud Claims? - DS News
Market for Private-Label Mortgage Bonds Is Recovering, but Slowly - WSJ
08/17/2012 -  Treasury Department Announces Further Steps to Expedite Wind Down of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -
An interesting look back at the Treasury's announcement of the 3rd amendment.

Sunday January 17th 2016
Now Obama Bank Regulators Scheming To Degrade Mortgage Credit Scoring - Investors Business Daily
Goldman Puts Mortgages and Naked Shorts Behind It - BloombergView
GSEs are not mentioned.
What The Big Short Gets Right (and What Politico Gets Wrong) - Roosevelt Institute

Saturday January 16th 2016
Are GSEs the new Fed for Housing - Valuewalk
04/23/2014 - Discouraging Private Capital By Changing the Rules at the Finish Line: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - The Delaware Bay Company

Friday January 15th 2016
The Real Story Behind Fannie and Freddie - Wall St. Daily
"Fannie and Freddie were never really in trouble during and after the financial crisis.
Rather, they were seized by the government in order to provide a backdoor bailout to truly vulnerable large banks and simultaneously restore confidence to the traumatized financial markets."
Advocating For Government Seizure - The Daily Caller
"...the Better Markets brief appears as politically driven as it is factually inaccurate."
How to fix Fannie and Freddie - Politico
Court Schedules - iHub
What “The Big Short” Gets Right—and Wrong -
Across the U.S., housing prices should rise solidly and renters will face greater expenses - Star Tribune
By Mark Zandi
News Media Giants Rip Into Faniie Mae and Freddie Mac - Inside Mortgage Finance
Registration Required
Is settlement looming between U.S. and RBS over pre-crisis mortgage bonds? - HousingWire
RBS settlement on U.S. mortgages could come within weeks: analysts - Reuters

Thursday January 14th 2016
Whitewashing Corporate Fraud: Boston Fed Edition - Fiderer on GSEs
Fannie/Freddie Business with Private MI Fell in 4Q; A Shift to FHA/VA? - iHub via Inside Mortgage Finance
There is Time to Fix the GSEs – Use it Wisely - Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk
Goldman just got wiped out - Business Insider
Goldman Sachs reaches $5 billion settlement over toxic mortgage bond claims - HousingWire
Goldman to Pay Up to $5 Billion to Settle Claims of Faulty Mortgages - NY Times
Where Was Obama's Victory Lap on Financial Reform? - American Banker
Under Contract - The Hill

Wednesday January 13th 2016
House Democrats Call for Federal Investigation of Warren Buffett’s Manufactured Housing Conglomerate - Corporate Crime Reporter
No mention of the GSEs.
Fannie Mae Shares Hit New Low - WSJ
EDITORIAL: Fannie Mae borrows trouble with new mortgage program - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Some good comments after the article.
How Effective are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at Preventing Foreclosures? - DS News
'The Big Short': A Tale of Stupidity, Greed, and Corruption - Huffington Post

Tuesday January 12th 2016
Movie renews debate on crisis -
There’s still time to fix Fannie and Freddie - HousingWire
Housing Credit Availability Index - Urban Institute
Who’s a ‘SIFI’? Fannie and Freddie, for starters - AEI

Monday January 11th 2016
How the Feds Abuse Fannie and Freddie - The National Law Journal
Will Obama Even Touch the Mortgage Industry in his Last State of the Union Speech? - DS News
Financial Crisis Still Divides GOP, Democrats - WSJ

Saturday January 9th 2016
Off The Lows! Rebound Picks For 2016 - Seeking Alpha

Friday January 8th 2016
The United States Zestimate is Here! - National Real Estate Post Video
Start the video at 2:08. They discuss the Fannie Mae office consolidation in Plano and firearms.
FANNIEGATE: The Big Short – The Saga Of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac - Valuewalk
'The Big Short' Is No Tall Tale - Retirement Income Journal

Thursday January 7th 2016
The Washington Post Also Got a Lot Wrong in Parting Shots at Fannie and Freddie as 2015 Ended - Investors Unite
Same article from Valuewalk
Five Legislative Battles to Watch in 2016 -
See Battle #4
What’s ahead for the housing market in 2016 - Washington Post
The false narrative about the financial crisis goes Hollywood - AEI
Good comments after the article.
The Big Short Reinforces a Widespread Misperception About the Financial Crisis - Huffington Post
Urban Institute: More non-performing loans should be sold to private investors - HousingWire
Voters, Your Rent Is Too Darn High - BloombergView
"removing (the GSEs) as the only real secondary-market player would likely trigger another mortgage crisis."
12/23/2011 - The Big Lie - The NY Times

Wednesday January 6th 2016
Definitive Story on Subprime Fraud Ignored 11 Years Ago - David Fiderer Blog
The Big Short and the Bigger Myth About Fannie and Freddie - Inside Sources
The Wall Street Journal Takes Aim at Risk Sharing and Ignores the Law - Investors Unite
The 'Big Short' Gets It Right - BloombergView
Fannie Mae picks location for major Dallas-area office consolidation - HousingWire
Freddie Mac announces partnership with Lenders One - HousingWire
What Will it Take to Get Private Capital Back into Jumbo RMBS in 2016? - DS News
03/27/2014 - The Wrong Remedy for Fannie and Freddie - WSJ
By Josh Rosner
09/12/2008 - Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s Financial Problems: Frequently Asked Questions -
02/04/2005 - Workers Say Lender Ran 'Boiler Rooms' - LA Times
This was cited in David Fiderer's blog post today.

Tuesday January 5th 2016
Watchdog Calls for DOJ Investigation of Mortgage Bankers CEO -
Registration required, but it's free to register.
Better Markets Fails to Disclose Troubling Conflict of Interest in Recent Amicus Brief Filing - Investors Unite
11 Policymakers to Watch in 2016 - American Banker
Mel Watt at #4
The Big Short is a Great Movie, But... - Zero Hedge
@Ny1david tweets about the article
Poor Dude's mostly GSE comments - Seeking Alpha
Freddie Mac announces first credit risk-sharing deal of 2016 - HousingWire
Toxic Twins’ Potentially Poisonous New Brew - WSJ
11/21/2013 - Ousted Fannie Mae CFO Tells His Side of the Story - American Banker

Monday January 4th 2016
False Equivalency of the Week: GSE Risk Sharing Like Synthetic CDOs - David Fiderer Blog
GSEs are the most active OTCQB stocks - Twitter
Fannie Mae’s Mortgage Portfolio Contracts for Eighth Straight Month - DS News
The Big Short - Inside Sources
@JoshRosner has some questions for Peter J. Wallison - Twitter
Here's how to stop credit unions from dying - HousingWire
GSE Discussion - Reddit
Jim Millstein on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac - Bloomberg Video
Not sure on the date of this one, 2014 maybe?
01/17/2011 - Wall Street, Not Fannie and Freddie, Led Mortgage Meltdown - The Daily Beast

Sunday January 3rd 2016
In 2016, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Will Return To 2007 Lending Practices (So What?) - Valuewalk

Saturday January 2nd 2016
Anyone Who Acted On Fox Business and Charlie Gasparinos “Greenberg Delusion” Nailed The 52 Week High: Epic 2015 Fail -
Two Cheers for Fannie and Freddie Synthetic CDO -
Top Trades for 2016: What Investors Should Know - Bloomberg Video
GSE mention starts at 1:06.

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